What is a uniface?

What is a uniface?

Some unifaces are characterized by systematic edge retouch, which was used to thin, straighten, sharpen, and smooth an artifact’s edge, and were usually created with a specific purpose in mind.

What is a formalized Uniface tool?

Formalized uniface tools. Scrapers are unifacial tools that were used either for hideworking or woodworking. Whereas this term is often used for any unifacially flaked tool that defies classification, most lithic analysts maintain that the only true scrapers are defined on the base of use-wear, and are usually worked at their distal ends—i.e.,…

What are the different types of uniface tools?

There are two general classes of uniface tools: modified flakes—and formalized tools, which display deliberate, systematic modification of the marginal edges, evidently formed for a specific purpose.

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