What is chicken popcorn made of?

What is chicken popcorn made of?

Made with 100 percent premium breast meat chicken off-the-bone, Popcorn Chicken is marinated for a tender inside and breaded for a flavorful, fun crunch on the outside.

Is chicken popcorn healthy?

Popcorn chicken is not a healthy snack. It maximizes the amount of deep-fried breading in each bite. For a healthier option, look for chicken strips, which have more meat and less breading. Ideally, consider chicken food choices that use grilled or baked chicken instead of fried chicken.

How long does popcorn chicken take in air fryer?

Place into your air fryer basket making sure that the popcorn chicken is not overcrowded. Cook for 8 minutes at 170c/340f. Serve with your favourite dipping sauce.

Is KFC healthier than McDONALDS?

With a variety of meals, sides, and drink options to choose from, McDonald’s knocks KFC off the top with a calorie average per ‘Happy Meal’ of 381.71 KCALs. Falling 5.04 KCALs behind McDonald’s, the fried chicken chain KFC reaches 376.67 KCALS per serving.

How do you make homemade popcorn chicken?

Chop the chicken to bite sized pieces and add them to a bowl along with all the seasonings. Mix them well.

  • Add corn starch or all-purpose flour. Coat the chicken well with the flour.
  • Pick up each piece of egg coated chicken and roll in the bread crumbs.
  • Mix well and set aside for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Heat oil on a medium flame.
  • How to make homemade popcorn chicken?

    Slice your chicken breasts into small even sized bite size chunks.

  • Combine in a bowl with your Buttermilk,1 tsp of Salt and 1/2 tsp Black Pepper.
  • In a bowl,combine your Flour,Baking Powder,2nd tsp of Salt,Smoked Paprika,Cayenne Pepper,Onion Powder,Garlic Powder,Oregano and 1/4 tsp Black Pepper.
  • What are the ingredients in popcorn chicken?

    Chicken breast,boneless and skinless – plump and juicy,you can’t go wrong with chicken breasts in this recipe.

  • Buttermilk – if you don’t have this,you can make your own buttermilk substitute.
  • Dried oregano – Oregano is a herb that we normally think of in Italian food but it works beautifully for making your popcorn chicken coating.
  • What to serve with popcorn chicken?

    Barbecue Chicken Sandwich. Combine popcorn chicken,a hamburger bun and barbecue sauce to create a crunchy barbecue chicken sandwhich with lots of flavor.

  • Casserole. Add popcorn chicken to any meatless casserole dish or substitute in hotdishes that call for canned tuna or cooked chicken.
  • Chicken Mozzarella.
  • Buffalo Wrap.
  • Asian Chicken Recipes.
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