What is Mandarake Japan?

What is Mandarake Japan?

Mandarake Inc. (Japanese: まんだらけ) is a Japanese retail corporation that operates a chain of used good stores. Founded as a used bookstore specializing in manga in 1980, Mandarake incorporated in 1987 and presently operates 11 retail locations and one fulfillment center.

Where is Mandarake located?

MANDARAKE was established in 1987 as a pre-owned manga dealer in Nakano Broadway. Now Mandarake is known as one of the largest manga and anime stores in the world. We have visitors from all over the world who enjoy Japanese manga and anime culture, which is getting more popular every year.

How do you buy on Mandarake?


  1. From the shopping cart, select “Continue to Checkout” for one of the stores*.
  2. When going through the checkout, please be sure not use your browser’s back button or open any other windows or tabs to the Mandarake online catalogue.
  3. Fill in your details very carefully.

Is Mandarake legit Reddit?

100% reliable and one of the mainstays of figure collecting for many years; they only sell legit items. Beyond their online storefront they also run multiple brick-and-mortar stores in Japan. Alongside Solaris and amiami’s pre-owned section, they one of the go-to places for pre-owned items.

Is Mandarake a good website?

Mandarake is great and I recommend them. I’ve been able to find hard to find items at great prices, even better than buying on eBay. And every single item I’ve bought has come well-packed and in perfect condition. The ordering process from Sahra is very easy, especially for newcomers.

What does the name Nakano mean?

central field
Japanese: ‘central field’; from a common place name. It is a frequent surname, found mostly in western Japan.

Can you trust Mandarake?

Mandarake primarily sells second hand products and their standard for second hand products is quite high. From my experience from both visiting their store in person and ordering online, the products are in pretty good condition.

Does Mandarake sell new products?

Mandarake sells second-hand goods (used) only, but some items that state unopened/damaged box pretty much means that the item is new! 2. Even if the condition states “average”, the product seems like it’s in a “like new” or “very good” condition. 4.

Where should you avoid in Japan?

Places to Avoid as a Tourist in Japan

  • Kamagasaki, Osaka. The largest homeless population in Japan is in Kamagasaki.
  • Kabukicho, Tokyo. Not only is Kabukicho the biggest red-light district in the country, but it’s also the largest in the world.
  • Roppongi, Tokyo.
  • Shinsekai, Osaka.
  • Ueno, Tokyo.

Are there unsafe areas in Japan?

Japan’s dangerous neighborhoods fall into two categories: red-light districts and slums. Slums are rare but do exist. Red-light districts are common. However, it’s only the largest, most notorious red-light districts that are considered dangerous.


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