What is the poem of Forrest Fenn?

What is the poem of Forrest Fenn?

The Thrill of the Chase
Ten years ago, the now 89-year-old antiques dealer and author Forrest Fenn published a poem titled “The Thrill of the Chase”. Within the poem’s six stanzas were a set of nine clues that, according to Fenn, would lead to a treasure chest he had hidden in the Rocky Mountains.

Has Forrest Fenn treasure been found?

Three months later, Forrest Fenn reported that the treasure had been found. He later revealed it was found in Wyoming. Jack Stuef, who found the treasure, hasn’t revealed where he found it, saying he doesn’t want the spot to turn into a tourist attraction. Fenn died in September 2020.

Is Forrest Fenn poem solved?

So while he remained guarded about his solve and the location where he discovered the treasure, he now didn’t mind telling me who he really was. And that’s when I learned that a 32-year-old Michigan native and medical student was the person who had finally solved Fenn’s poem. His name is Jack Stuef.

What are the 9 clues for the hidden treasure?

There are many possibilities for the 9 Clues, let’s take a look at some of the more likely candidates:

  • From Start to Finish (Begin to Cease/End)
  • Each Clue is a Sentence:
  • Stanza 1. Warm waters, canyon, walk.
  • Home of Brown. Meek, nigh, no paddle creek, loads.
  • The blaze, tarry scant, marvel gaze.
  • Answers, tired, weak.
  • What is a 24 line poem called?

    The rondelet is a brief French form of poetry. It contains a refrain, a strict rhyme scheme and a distinct meter pattern. The roundelay is a 24 line poem written in trochaic tetrameter. What they have in common is that they both only use two rhyme sounds, and make use of refrains.

    Is Fenn still alive?

    September 7, 2020Forrest Fenn / Date of death

    What is the home of Brown?

    Put in Below the Home of Brown = Madison Campground (Highway 89) (Home of Brown is the National Park service , thus their color is Brown, it is the Home of National Park service (as a short hand way of referencing to the campground, tongue and cheek way. Forrest Fenn, would say, Go camping at the Home of Brown. ).

    What does tarry scant mean?

    Tarry Scant: delay little. hang around just a tiny bit.

    What is a roundelay poem?

    roundelay, a poem with a refrain that recurs frequently or at fixed intervals, as in a rondel. The term is also loosely used to refer to any of the fixed forms of poetry (such as the rondeau, the rondel, and the roundel) that use refrains extensively.

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