What size airless spray tip is used to spray door frames?

What size airless spray tip is used to spray door frames?

Lower numbers 1xx, 2xx, 3xx etc are narrow spray fan widths used for spraying narrow surface areas e.g. staircase railings, trim, cabinets, doors, fences. Spray tip numbers starting with 5xx or 6xx are used for interior and exterior walls.

Are airless sprayer tips interchangeable?

*Are the tips interchangeable?. Airless spray tips require their own tip guard/tip holder. These are usually ⅞ fitting, and they’re interchangeable between the different brand guns.

What tip do you use for an airless sprayer?

Recommended Tip Sizes For Common Coating Materials

Laquer or Stain .009 – .013
Oil Based Paint .013 – .015
Latex Paint .015 – .019
Heavy Latex or Smooth Elastomeric .021 – .025
Elastomeric & Blockfiller .025 – .035 +

Who makes Campbell Hausfeld spray guns?

The Marmon Group
In 1971 Campbell Hausfeld was acquired by Scott Fetzer. In 2015 the company was acquired by The Marmon Group. The company also manufactures air tools, painting systems, winches, generators, pressure washers, and spray guns.

How long does an airless spray tip last?

A Little About Spray Tip Wear Graco tips should last anywhere from 15-135 gallons when spraying latex. They may last longer with oils and stains and may last up to a few hundred gallons if spraying a thin water like material with no grit.

Is Campbell Hausfeld still in business?

October 13, 2020 – Long Grove, IL – MAT Industries, LLC, a subsidiary of MAT Holdings, Inc., announced that it has acquired certain assets of Campbell Hausfeld, a manufacturer of consumer, industrial and commercial grade air compressors and associated pneumatic air tools and accessories.

Where are Campbell Hausfeld products made?

Campbell Hausfeld’s manufacturing operations are located at two buildings in Leitchfield, Ky., that cover more than 300,000 square feet.

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