Who comes to visit Lyddie How does she feel after he leaves Why?

Who comes to visit Lyddie How does she feel after he leaves Why?

Lyddie feels sad when Charlie leaves, because she will miss him and Rachel. Since their mother left, Lyddie has been alone most of the time. When Charles tells her that he has a new family and offers to take Rachel, Lyddie feels lonely. Her hope had always been to get the family back together again.

Why Lyddie should not sign the petition essay?

Lyddie doesn’t sign the petition, because she is afraid of the consequences of that action. By signing the petition, she would publicly be associating with it and those workers. She runs the risk of being fired from her current job and blacklisted from the other mills. Lyddie cannot let that happen.

How did Lyddie get her job?

Bedlow buys Lyddie clothes and gets her a job at a factory and a room in a boardinghouse. Lyddie’s roommates also work at the same factory.

What happened to Lyddie and Charlie’s father?

Expert Answers Worthen, Lyddie’s father, has been away for two years. He left the family because the prospects he had for making money on their farm had soured. The maple trees he had on his land did not produce enough syrup to be profitable, and the potash he hoped to sell had no buyers.

Where does Lyddie go first after leaving the factory?

Cutler thought that Lyddie was slacking from her duties, so she fired Lyddie. Lyddie decided to go to Lowell, Massachusetts and become one of the factory girls.

What does the petition in Lyddie say?

No other corporation would hire you said Lyddie” (91,92). This quote means that the consequence of signing the petition is you’ll get fired and blacklisted, meaning you can’t get another job anywhere.

Who is Triphena in Lyddie?

When Lyddie first begins working at Cutler’s tavern, Triphena is a bit distant. She has her job to do, and Lyddie has her work to do. Triphena knows that Mrs. Cutler is a hard task master, and Triphena simply wants to make sure that Lyddie does what she is told.

Why is Lyddie told she is being fired in Chapter 21?

When Lyddie is fired in chapter 21, why is she unable to properly defend herself from the accusations? Lyddie’s lack of education causes her to become confused. Lyddie is too ill to defend herself. Lyddie is tricked in to confessing to the charges brought against her.

What is the plot of Chapter 5 in Lyddie?

Lyddie goes into the cabin through the window and finds a black man already inside. a runaway slave hiding in Lyddie’s house; Lyddie feels empathy for him and wants him to be free; she gives him the calf money to help him get to freedom. When Lyddie returns to the tavern Mistress Cutker is there and Lyddie is fired.

Who comes to visit Lyddie?

In chapter 4, when Lyddie is working at the tavern, Charlie surprises her by showing up for a visit. The two meet in the kitchen, and the cook and Willie are there as well; Mistress Cutler might be coming in and out at any moment, too.

What are some of Lyddie’s weaknesses?

What are Lyddie’s weaknesses? examples: She can’t read well and therefore can’t read through the contract she signs with the mill. She is not good at trusting other people to do things for her.

Why is Lyddie fired from the tavern?

Expert Answers Mr. Marsden targeted Lyddie because she saw him harassing Brigid and stopped him. Lyddie understands that Mr. Marsden lied about her to get her fired.

What does Mr Marsden do to Lyddie?

Also, what did Mr Marsden do to Lyddie? Mr. Marsden can be accused of sexual harrassment because he puts his arms around Lyddie when he makes her stay late after work, but he does not rape her. Something has happened to Diana because she is pregnant and has to leave the factory.

What does homespun mean in Lyddie?

simple; plain ; made at home

What does Lyddie do with this feeling?

Lyddie doesn’t do anything with those feelings, though. She quietly swallows her thoughts and allows Rachel to be taken back to the country with Charlie. The feelings of jealously do not last long, but they are replaced with all around depression.

What is the plot of Chapter 4 in Lyddie?

Chapter 4 begins by telling the reader more about how grueling a time that Lyddie is having while working in the tavern. Mrs. Cutler is a cruel task master and Lyddie is afraid of her and disappointing her as well. Soon into the chapter, Triphena tells Lyddie a story about two frogs that fell into a pail of milk.

What chapter does Lyddie get fired?

Lyddie was really sad. She couldn’t believe she had been fired.

What happens if Lyddie sign the petition?

When Lyddie goes to sign the petition, she learns that it has already failed. She is devastated. They assume, as Amelia says, that they will lose their jobs if they complain or if they sign the petition. Lyddie is upset because she needs the money to pay off her family’s debts.

Who visits Lyddie in Chapter 4?

Terms in this set (4) Charlie came to visit Lyddie. Lyddie was very lonely after he left. A winter blizzard came. Otis and Enoch, two hired men, were stuck inside in the kitchen whittling making spills for maple sugaring.

How is Lyddie determined?

Lyddie is determined to never be beholden to anyone. She does not want to have to rely on others and insists on doing everything herself. She takes on the family debt single-handedly, believing that it is her responsibility and not her brother’s or her mother’s.

Why does Betsy sign the petition?

Betsy signs the petition for better working conditions. Betsy is fired for it and decides to apply to attend Oberlin College. Lyddie is injured working so many machines at once. Diana helps care for Lyddie’s injury.

What does Lyddie do at the end of the novel?

It follows the main character, Lyddie Worthen, as she works to save her family and their farm. By the end of the novel, Lyddie has changed and has gained freedom to make her own life decisions.

What happened when Lyddie return to Cutler’s Tavern?

Cutler is already back at the tavern. She fires Lyddie immediately. Lyddie is not heartbroken, because now she is able to go to Lowell and become a factory girl. She felt more lighthearted than she had since the day Mrs.

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