Who is Luke in Lyddie?

Who is Luke in Lyddie?

Luke Stevens is a former neighbor of Lyddie. Luke’s family is Quaker, and they drive Lyddie to her work at Cutler’s Tavern and Baker’s Mill. He was able to escape thanks to help from Luke’s family—as Quakers strongly opposed to slavery—and Lyddie, who gave him the money she received from selling a calf.

What is Lyddie’s plan for her future?

She vows to go to college and promises herself that she won’t “come back weak and beaten down and because I have nowhere else to go. No, I will not be a slave, even to myself.” We get the idea that she will be back on her own terms when she has succeeded in her goal to be self-reliant.

How did Lyddie feel about accepting help from others?

Lyddie did not want to accept any help from Luke. She did not accept his help for getting into the wagon as she didn’t want to be seen as a helpless child or female. She refused his offer of looking after her house in winters. She did not know whether to be pleased or annoyed when he offered to keep an eye on Charlie.

What happened in Lyddie Chapter 1?

Lyddie gets her siblings and her mom up into the loft for safety. The hungry bear comes in and tries some of the oatmeal, but it is too hot, and the bear leaves after trashing the house. We also learn a lot about the family dynamics in this chapter. Lyddie seems to be a clear leader.

Should Lyddie sign the petition essay?

Lyddie should not sign the petition because it will affect her negatively. She also shouldn’t sign it because she needs money, she’ll get blacklisted, and because it will ruin her.

How is Lyddie brave?

Lyddie looks straight into the bear’s eyes, glaring and daring him to get her. Lyddie is very brave to stay behind while her mother and the younger children leave. It is a different kind of bravery than the physical bravery of facing down the bear, but she does it for the same reason.

What does Betsy do for Lyddie?

Betsy is a factory worker and a friend of Lyddie’s. She is interested in Lyddie right away. Lyddie shares a bed with Betsy. She likes to read novels, and teaches Lyddie how to read better.

What does queer mean in Lyddie?

Strong, big, impressive. Anxious. Worried. Queer. Strange, difficult to explain; “queer in the head” means slightly crazy.

Why Lyddie should not sign the petition quotes?

Lyddie doesn’t sign the petition, because she is afraid of the consequences of that action. By signing the petition, she would publicly be associating with it and those workers. She runs the risk of being fired from her current job and blacklisted from the other mills. Lyddie cannot let that happen.

What are Lyddie’s strengths?

Lyddie’s greatest strength is her determination. Once she sets her mind on something, nothing but nothing will hold her back. She has goals in life—whether it’s helping to support her family or going to college—and works as hard as she possibly can to achieve them, whatever hardships life might throw at her.

What does grim mean in Lyddie?

grim looking very serious

What is important to Lyddie?

I will list ten events that I think are quite important to the story. Lyddie protects herself and her family from the bear that enters their small house. Lyddie is forced to work at Cutler’s Tavern. Lyddie is forced to teach Brigid to work in the factory.

How did Lyddie change?

One of the ways that Lyddie changes is in her attitude towards education. Over the course of the story, she comes to understand the value of formal learning, improving her reading skills by tackling more challenging books and setting herself the goal of attending Oberlin College.

What does scrupulous mean in Lyddie?

scrupulous. a bar/restaurant that also has hotel rooms.

What does Lyddie hate?

Lyddie doesn’t like that the boardinghouse and factory corporation require her to attend church. She lived outside of town on the farm and her family could never afford pew rent, so they did not go. Lyddie doesn’t want to spend her hard-earned money on church, because she is saving it to get back her farm.

Who does Lyddie live with?

Lyddie lives with her mother, brother, and two sisters because her father left them. Lyddie is the adult in her family.

How did Lyddie get sick?

Lyddie becomes quite ill–probably she has caught the illness Brigid’s mother had from sucking on the same shuttle that Brigid sucks on at the factory. Lyddie’s sickness is severe, and she almost dies. Mrs. Bedlow, Brigid, and Dr.

Why did Lyddie and Charlie not leave the cabin with their mother?

In chapter 1, why do Lyddie and Charlie not go with their mother? Lyddie and Charlie are scared of their mother. Their Aunt Clarissa does not want them to come. Lyddie wants to stay and take care of the farm.

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