Are linen business cards nice?

Are linen business cards nice?

If you want an elegant and professional card, take a look at our Linen business cards. They are the perfect card for you and your brand to make a strong and memorable impression.

Can you write on linen business cards?

Q: Can I write on linen business cards? A: Yes, either a ballpoint pen or permanent marker should work just fine.

What is a linen card?

A subtle embossed linen surface adds class and elegance to your DIY wedding invitations, your company presentations, and your important documents.

What is premium business card?

Printed in any size and shape, these unique business cards let your personality and product do the talking. Customize yours with premium paper stocks for a substantial feel, white ink that jumps off the paper and finishing options that shine.

What is ivory card?

Uncoated paper is known as ivory white paper, or ivory card for thicker card stock. Coated paper is known as art paper, or art card for thicker paper weight. Uncoated is matte surface, unreflective, and appear flat white. Coated paper is glossy surface, reflective, and have a smooth gloss.

What is linen business?

So to answer the question – A linen service company provides linen and uniform rentals or laundry services of commonly used items on a regularly scheduled basis.

Can you write on glossy business cards?

Can I write on shiny business cards? Yes, but we’d recommend using a permanent marker pen for the best results. A regular ballpoint pen won’t work very well.

What is premium cardstock?

Premium Cardstock lets you take your special occasion to the next level—and our thickest cardstock yet just got even better with a variety of new trim options! Now you can choose from four fabulous shapes including standard, rounded, elegant and scalloped to create a greeting card that’s sure to make a statement.

How do I make premium business cards?

Luxury Business Card Design: How to Create Premium, High-Quality Business Cards

  1. Highlight specialized services or products.
  2. Stand out in a competitive industry.
  3. Entice a high-end demographic.
  4. Showcase professionalism and quality character.
  5. Create an image of excellence.

How much do premium business cards cost?

Copy stores or quick print companies often offer standardized fill-in-the-details business cards or the customer can provide a business card in a computer file; costs run $20-$75 or more for 250-500 cards, with the higher costs for options such as additional ink colors, specialized or premium papers.

Are linen business cards right for You?

Linen cards stand out – without calling for attention. Finding just the right look for your business card isn’t easy, but linen business cards give you the best of both worlds. The slightly coarse, patterned white linen cardstock is eye-catching, but refined and professional at the same time.

What is linen cardstock?

The slightly coarse, patterned white linen cardstock is eye-catching, but refined and professional at the same time. Want to make a big impression on customers and clients? Linen cards are artistic, upscale and most importantly – memorable. Eco-friendly paper stocks.

How thick are linen business cards?

Q: How thick are linen business cards? A: Our white linen cardstock is 13pt (equal to .013 of an inch). Each point (pt) is equal to .001 of an inch, to give you a frame of reference. Q: Can I add foil accents or embossed gloss to these cards?

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