Can CA-125 levels fluctuate?

Can CA-125 levels fluctuate?

So, CA 125 values can and do fluctuate. Major treatment decisions, such as changing or discontinuing treatment, depend on multiple factors that you and your physician will consider. The trend in your CA 125 values is only one of these factors.

What causes CA-125 to fluctuate?

Many different conditions can cause an increase in CA 125, including normal conditions, such as menstruation, and noncancerous conditions, such as uterine fibroids. Certain cancers may also cause an increased level of CA 125, including ovarian, endometrial, peritoneal and fallopian tube cancers.

How accurate is the CA-125 blood test?

Results: Using a CA125 cutoff of 30 U/mL, an overall sensitivity of 94.8% (96.6% specificity) was obtained when comparing malignancies versus healthy postmenopausal controls, whereas a cutoff of 65 U/mL provided a sensitivity of 83.9% (99.6% specificity).

Can endometriosis cause elevated CA 125?

CA-125 levels have been found to be significantly higher in women with moderate or severe endometriosis (6). It was reported that preoperative serum CA-125 level could be used as an important predictor for patients with endometrial conditions.

Can a CA 125 test be wrong?

A high level of CA-125 can be a sign of cancer, particularly ovarian cancer. However, the test can have both false positive and false negative findings. CA-125 levels can be normal even if a person has cancer, or they can be elevated in a patient who does not have cancer.

What does borderline scan results mean?

What does a borderline result mean? A borderline result means that the test was between. normal and abnormal.

Can a CA-125 test be wrong?

What will a CA125 test Tell Me?

The CA-125 test looks for certain proteins in your blood. Ovarian cancer can be the reason for these proteins, but other conditions can cause them to be in your blood as well. Your doctor may order a CA-125 test if you’re about to start treatment for ovarian cancer.

What is lab test ca 125?

CA-125 is a protein that is more prevalent in ovarian cancer cells than in other cells. This protein enters the blood stream and can be measured by a blood test. The test is most appropriately used to follow women who have already been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In these cases, the CA-125 is a very good indicator of whether a patient is

What is a ca 125 lab test?

The CA-125 test measures the amount of CA-125 protein in your blood. Significantly elevated concentrations of CA-125 may be present in the blood of a woman who has ovarian cancer. Thus, the test may be used to monitor the effectiveness of treatment and/or for recurrence of the cancer.

What is the normal range of ca 125?

The normal range for CA 125 is 0 to 35 units/ml. While a CA 125 level over 35 may indicate cancer, it does not always mean the person has cancer. A CA 125 level over 35 is only a potential indicator. If a woman has not been previously diagnosed with ovarian cancer, high levels indicate further testing is needed to make a diagnosis.

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