Can you buy contact lenses over the counter?

Can you buy contact lenses over the counter?

You can buy contacts with no prescription at some beauty salons, flea markets, and websites. But those contacts may be trouble. The FDA warns that nonprescription contacts have major risks for blindness and eye injuries. The dangers linked to contact lens wear often come from less oxygen reaching the cornea.

What brand of contact lenses do boots use?

There are only a few premium contact lens manufacturers in the world, which means that all Boots contact lenses are made by the same manufacturers we stock. These manufactures include Coopervision, Sauflon and Ciba Vision.

Can I just buy contact lenses?

Yes, by law-and for your safety-you can only purchase the brand of lens your eye doctor prescribed using a valid prescription. Some lenses do have a generic alternative, however, and you can contact our Customer Service Team for more information.

Can you get colored contacts without going to the doctor?

Without a prescription, colored contacts may also be called decorative or costume contacts. Currently, the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) recommends that you get input from an eye care professional before opting for a pair of colored contacts, even if you don’t have a prescription.

Can you get contacts same day as exam?

Most trials are handed out the same day as your exam, but some specialty lenses (toric, bifocal, colored, etc.) will have to be ordered. Wearing these lenses for a short period of time will help the doctor determine if those particular lenses are right for you.

Do I need a prescription for contact lenses UK?

To purchase contact lenses in the UK you will need a recent contact lens prescription and specification from an optician, which will need to be verified by the seller.

How much is a pair of contacts?

Generally, they cost between $20 and $30 a box. Most people with average prescriptions should be able to get a year’s worth of contact lenses for $200 to $500. The price range for contacts can feel broad, but they have a highly variable price tag depending on a lot of factors.

Why choose Boots Opticians for contact lenses?

At Boots Opticians we’ve got a great range of contact lenses to suit everyone’s needs including daily disposables, monthlies, varifocals, bifocals and even contact lenses with added UV protection. Plus did you know that contact lenses are suitable for most glasses wearers making them more accessible than you might think.

What is the 10% off boots eye test scheme?

The scheme offers 10% off Boots branded products, ½ price glasses and inclusive eye tests and lenses check ups – this is one offer you won’t want to miss! Contact Lenses through your letterbox – Contact lenses are a popular choice and now even more popular with our huge range of lenses now available to buy online.

What are Blink contacts soothing eye drops?

Blink Contacts Soothing Eye Drops – 10ml – Boots Buy Blink Contacts Soothing Eye Drops – 10ml and earn Advantage Card points on purchases. BlinkRefreshment for contact lens wearers from dry, tired eyesSpecifically formulated for contact lens wearers, this gentle and highly effective eye drop soothes and refreshes dry, tired eyes.

How do I contact Boots UK?

For any general enquiries, please contact our switchboard on 0115 950 6111. Boots UK Limited. Registered Office: Nottingham, NG2 3AA. Registered: England & Wales.

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