Does Shizuma like Nagisa?

Does Shizuma like Nagisa?

Towards the end of the anime, after a series of guilt-ridden conflicts and her own self-discovery, Shizuma realizes she is truly in love with Nagisa.

How does Strawberry Panic end?

The ending where Tamao pulls an I Want My Beloved to Be Happy, undoes her ribbon, and pushes Nagisa toward Shizuma. They run to each other, embrace, and run off together; then we get a cut back to Tamao congratulating them but looking utterly heartbroken.

Does Nagisa and shizuma end up together?

After building up to this for so long, Nagisa and Shizuma finally get their happy ending, however short or long-lived it may be.

Who is Kaori in Strawberry Panic?

Kaori Sakuragi (桜木 花織 Sakuragi Kaori?) was a minor character in the Strawberry Panic! series. She was a young girl who came to attend Miator starting off in her first year….

Kaori Sakuragi
Romaji Sakuragi Kaori
Voiced by Kotomi Iwamura

How old is Nagisa Strawberry Panic?

Nagisa Aoi is the protagonist of the yuri series Strawberry Panic!. She is the main protagonist who suddenly transfers to an all-girls school called St….

Nagisa Aoi
蒼井 渚砂
Aoi Nagisa
Age 15

What language does shizuma hanazono help Nagisa Aoi learn during their school break?

Nagisa starts to prepare for the mid-year exams by getting tutored by Shizuma in French.

Will there be Strawberry Panic Season 2?

Tl;dr – No, it is very unlikely that there will be any more Strawberry Panic!

Did shizuma and Nagisa end up together?

Who is Shizuma Hanazono?

? Shizuma Hanazono is a main character from Strawberry Panic! series. She is the Etoile, Shizuma is a highly respected and much beloved person to most of the other students attending the three schools. She looks very mysterious and also seems to have a number of secrets to match this visage.

How old is Shizuma Hanazono Strawberry Panic?

Shizuma Hanazono is the secondary protagonist in Strawberry Panic!. She is voiced by Nabatame Hitomi. Shizuma is seventeen years old. She has a long silver hair and light green eyes, although there are times that they were either yellow or gold. She has a feminine stature and is tall.

What does Hanazono mean in Japanese?

Shizuma’s surname Hanazono means “flower, blossom” (花) ( hana) and “garden” (園) ( sono / zono ). Shizuma owns a manor near the sea and the school. Shizuma is 17 years old.

What does Shizuma look like in real life?

Shizuma is a tall and very beautiful girl with thigh-length silver hair that is tied in a ponytail with bangs hanging over her face, light green eyes (although there are times that they were either yellow or gold) and she has a feminine stature. She is mostly seen wearing a pp Man T-shirt and dresses on either casual or formal occasions.

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