How much does a professor make in Singapore?

How much does a professor make in Singapore?

Find out what the average Professor salary is How much does a Professor make in Singapore? The average professor salary in Singapore is S$96,900 per year or S$49.69 per hour. Entry-level positions start at S$96,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to S$112,954 per year.

How do I become a university lecturer in Singapore?

How to Become a University Lecturer

  1. Qualifications and Education. Bachelor’s Degree: If you have the intention to work in a higher education institution, you should study a relevant subject for your bachelor’s degree.
  2. Apply for a Job as a Lecturer.

Do you need a PhD to be a professor in Singapore?

If you want to be an academic in a reputable research university, a PhD from either NUS or NTU will not get you far. In fact, Singapore has few positions for PhD holders other than our research institutes or universities, and NUS/NTU prefer those with overseas PhDs for faculty appointments.

How much do NUS lecturers earn?

How much does a Lecturer make at National University of Singapore in Singapore? Average National University of Singapore Lecturer monthly pay in Singapore is approximately $8,063, which is 60% above the national average.

What is assistant professor SG?

Assistant Professor (Selection Grade)/Lecturer(Selection Grade)/Associate Professor, the minimum length of service as Assistant Professor (Senior Scale)/Lecturer Assistant Professor is 8000-275-13500, for Assistant Professor (Senior Scale) is 1000-325-15200, and for Assistant Professor (Selection.

How much does a PhD earn in Singapore?

PhD in Singapore Area Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
National University of Singapore PhD salaries – 4 salaries reported Singapore Area $2,500/mo
Nanyang Technological University PhD salaries – 2 salaries reported Singapore Area $2,250/mo
NXP Semiconductors PhD salaries – 1 salaries reported Singapore Area $36,000/yr

How much is a lecturer paid in Singapore?

Lecturer Salaries

Job Title Salary
Republic Polytechnic Lecturer salaries – 39 salaries reported $5,730/mo
National University of Singapore Lecturer salaries – 34 salaries reported $6,667/mo
Singapore Polytechnic Lecturer salaries – 33 salaries reported $5,500/mo

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