Is Total Drama Appropriate?

Is Total Drama Appropriate?

Total Drama is about a competition to win money by being stranded. It’s inspired by the adult show Survivor. This shouldn’t be for KIDS this should be for teens- adults! They also have naked scenes by accident (blurred) and swaring (bleeped).

Why was Total Drama Island Cancelled?

All in all, the reason why I think Total Drama ended is because the broadcasters don’t have an interest in it anymore. Seasons that got decent treatment like All Stars didn’t perform well enough. RR was basically screwed over. The show’s format just isn’t something CN is looking for in their shows now.

Is Total Drama Island based on a true story?

Total Drama Island is based on Survivor, a real life reality TV series in which contestants must compete at a secluded location for a big cash prize and worldwide fame. They compete in weekly challenges, form alliances, and vote one another off the tribe.

Why was Total Drama so inappropriate?

It has nudity, swearing, groin and breast jokes, quite a bit of violence, etc. The first episode alone has numerous inappropitate for children dialogue that I don’t see how it would fly on a kids show such as Heather telling Duncan to “get bent” or DJ saying “Oh crap!” at the end of the episode.

Why was Chris McLean in jail?

He was arrested at the end of the fourth season for turning the island into a highly-contaminated toxic waste dump.

Who is Chris McLean based on?

Jeff Probst
Chris Mclean is the host of Total Drama Island as well as the seasons that follow. Based on the real host of Survivor, Jeff Probst, though bears little physical resemblance to him.

Who are the actors in Total Drama?

Total Drama: Created by Tom McGillis, Jennifer Pertsch. With Christian Potenza, Clé Bennett, Rachel Wilson, Drew Nelson. Animated satire of survivor reality shows featuring random teenage archetypes vying for the final prize by any means necessary.

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