Should I fight Cauthrien?

Should I fight Cauthrien?

As long as your tank is quick and tough enough to survive Ser Cauthrien while you bomb everything else, the victory should be yours. Once you prevent the archers from firing Scattershots and kill the mage, the rest is a standard boss take-down.

What happens if you kill Ser Cauthrien?

If you kill Ser Cauthrien, recruit Loghain, and sacrifice yourself to kill the Archdemon, she still shows up to your funeral.

How do I get anora to side with me?

Just make sure you treat her like any other party companion and exhaust all her dialogue options AFTER you promise her your support, especially the dialogue strings about Loghain. Also make sure you tell Alistair that you plan to support Anora in the Landsmeet before you leave for the Alienage.

Should Alistair be king?

Alistair, like Leliana, is a character that can be hardened during his personal quest. Most guides advise hardening him if the player wants to make him king. Basically, a hardened Alistair has more confidence and is willing to put duty above feelings. This makes him much more willing to become king.

Should I surrender Dragon Age Origins?

Best XP and Loot Scenario If you surrender to Ser Cauthrien, you miss the XP and loot from her and her guards. If you fight and win, you miss doing the entire “Captured!” part of the quest. The option that gives the most loot and XP is to fight and kill Cauthrien and her party except for one guard.

Should I surrender in Dragon Age Origins?

What happens if you lose the Landsmeet?

Losing: If you have not gained the support of the majority of the nobles, you lose the debate. If this happens, Loghain will order you arrested, with Arl Eamon declaring he will fight back.

Is Alistair a half elf?

In 9:20 Dragon Alistair was sent to the monastery at Bournshire. Despite the Arlessa’s speculation on Alistair’s parentage, he was in fact the illegitimate child of King Maric and the elven mage Fiona.

Should I have Alistair marry Anora?

Alistair will agree to marry Anora if you talk to them about it. It is independant of whether Alistair is hardened or not. However, if you let Loghain live and Alistair is not hardened, he will retract and refuse to marry Anora. The only way to let Loghain live and have Alistair marry Anora is to harden him.

How strong is Ser cauthrien in origins?

Ser Cauthrien is a two-handed warrior armed with: She has 72 Strength, 71 Dexterity, and 64 Constitution. Throughout Origins, she is only behind the Archdemon in terms of overall attribute scores. As an elite boss, she receives +10 spell resistance, which is further adjusted by difficulty settings.

Can you defeat Ser cauthrien in rescue the Queen?

If you are really unable to defeat Ser Cauthrien during Rescue the Queen, it may be a better idea to surrender and engage Ser Cauthrien again just before the Landsmeet . She is by default a boss- rank character, but will be an elite boss during this quest. She has 72 Strength, 71 Dexterity, and 64 Constitution.

Where can I find Ser cauthrien?

Ser Cauthrien is encountered during the quest, Kill the Arl as an enemy boss. She is at the Denerim City Gates, leading Arl Howe ‘s bodyguards. Cauthrien is slain along with her comrades by the Hurlock Vanguard and the Darkspawn.

Should I kill Ser cauthrien or Loghain?

If you kill Ser Cauthrien, recruit Loghain, and sacrifice yourself to kill the Archdemon, she still shows up to your funeral. When Ser Cauthrien tries to stop you again before the Landsmeet, the persuade option actually checks against Poison-Making, instead of the Coercion skill, but you can convince her to stand down.

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