Should I Purchase Hornady Critical Duty 9mm or .45 ACP?

Should I Purchase Hornady Critical Duty 9mm or .45 ACP?

Within the firearms community, the debate surrounding whether .45 ACP or Hornady Critical Duty 9mm is the best choice is one that continues to rage on. So, where do you fall in the debate? Check out any of the forum discussions on the subject and you’ll see it’s a topic that tends to get people hot under the collar.

There are just as many handgun fans on either side of the debate, due largely to the fact that both types of handgun have enjoyed longstanding success in the field. It’s probably important to say at this point that this is just our opinion – it isn’t fact! We’re just looking at the pros and cons – what you do with those facts is your business.

When it Comes to Ammo, Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Many people have a black or white view when talking about this particular subject, with many taking the standpoint that .45 ACP is better than Hornady critical duty 9mm simply because it uses a larger calibre of bullet, whereas others have the opinion that smaller bullets means that you can have more rounds in each clip. They’re both pretty valid reasons for preferring one over the other.

When everything is boiled down, we feel that the truth is a mixture of the two. Neither type of handgun is going to give you a particular benefit over the other.

Separating the Two Options

Ok, so these aren’t the only two considerations that need to be included at this particular juncture. Here are some other selling points that might help you make a distinction between Hornaday critical duty 9mm and the higher caliber choice.

9mm ammo is preferred by many for being more compact and easier to use than the .45 ACP option and it’s illustrated by the fact that it’s used widely around the world. Since the 90’s the M9A1 and Beretta M9 have been used as the standard issue sidearm for US military services.

It’s more compact, meaning that more capacity is afforded to the user for a similarly sized sidearm and this makes it easier to carry – particularly when talking about concealed carry users. 9mm handguns also have less in the way of recoil, making them more suitable for beginners.

Cost is another factor in which Hornady critical duty 9mm ammo has the upper hand, with both hand guns and cartridges working out much cheaper – sometimes up to 50% cheaper. It also offers an increased muzzle velocity, as surprisingly the .45 ACP actually carries lighter bullets.

The .45 ACP’s benefits most certainly come in the realm of power, with much more of it being afforded to this larger cartridge. Its stopping power makes it the ideal choice for many in the home defence scenario. We could go on, but this is effectively the argument for the .45 ACP.

So, When All Is Said & Done – Which is Best?

As with many types of product, when you’re trying to compare two of the most widely used and popular varieties, it’s going to come down very much to personal preference.

Looking for a compact handgun with lots of capacity, then you’re going to favour the 9mm. Wanting more penetration and stopping power? Then the .45 ACP is going to be your best bet.

So, the question of the piece should perhaps be….what do you prefer? It will likely give you a much better idea of what the best choice for you should be.

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