What are the seven features of the Subaru EyeSight system?

What are the seven features of the Subaru EyeSight system?

They include adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, sway warning, pre-collision braking, pre-collision throttle management, and more.

At what speeds does Subaru EyeSight work?

Traveling under 19 mph, the EyeSight™ is capable of detecting pedestrians in the path of the vehicle and if detected the system will activate in order to mitigate or avoid collision.

What is Subaru Visionx?

The new Eyesight X combines four cameras for an entire 360-degree field of view, as well as 3D high-precision maps data and traffic information for each lane. Subaru has a primary goal of achieving zero traffic fatalities by the year 2030 with this upgraded system.

Does Subaru EyeSight work in stop and go traffic?

There’s little need to use the brake and gas – just let EyeSight do the work. Adaptive Cruise Control will even work in stop-and-go highway traffic. When the car ahead brakes – EyeSight does too right down to a standstill.

Is Subaru EyeSight the same as Blind-Spot Detection?

Well, while each and every new Subaru model will come with a variety of advanced standard safety features, Blind-Spot Detection is only available on select models and trim styles for the 2020 and 2021 model years….Which Subaru Models Offer Blind-Spot Detection?

Subaru Model Trim Styles with Blind-Spot Detection
2020 Subaru WRX Limited and STI Limited

Does Subaru EyeSight work at night?

Whether it’s daytime or at night, Subaru EyeSight is perfectly useable during heavy traffic situations. The adaptive cruise control can be switched on as soon as the vehicle moves.

What is pre-collision braking?

Pre-collision Braking System & Pre-collision Braking Assist. Automatic brakes to reduce collision damage or prevent a collision where possible. EyeSight is designed to assist the driver in slowing the car down or, where possible, bringing it to a stop if it detects a car, pedestrian or object in front.

Can you turn off pre-collision braking Subaru?

The button to disable Pre-Collision Braking is located in the same area as the Lane Departure Warning button. However, this one shows two vehicles colliding. To disable Pre-Collision Braking, hold this button for two seconds.

What is pre-collision throttle management (PCM)?

Pre-Collision Throttle Management (*3) Avoid accidents caused by pressing the wrong pedal If the driver mistakenly selects drive instead of reverse when the car is stopped or traveling very slowly, and EyeSight detects an object in front of the car, Pre-collision Throttle Management emits warnings, flashes the lamp and restricts engine output.

How does the Pre-Collision Braking System work?

When the Pre-collision Braking System is activated, if the system detects that driver’s braking input is simply insufficient, the system can increase the braking force automatically. These functions operate when the speed difference from a leading car or object is less than 50 km/h, or 35 km/h (*2) for a pedestrian.

What is pre-collision safety?

SUBARU developed EyeSight by adopting the “Pre-Collision Safety” concept, which can detect danger in advance, from an early stage. EyeSight can minimise collision damage or if possible, prevent the collision, by coordinating the stereo cameras, engine, transmission and brakes in concert.

What is pre-collision steering assist and how does it work?

Pre-Collision Steering Assist can also be activated if the system detects that there is the possibility of colliding with a car or object in front and the driver operates the steering wheel to take evasive action, by altering the VDC characteristics to help the driver avoid the collision.

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