What does Antigone plan to do in the prologue?

What does Antigone plan to do in the prologue?

What does Antigone plan to do? Why? She plans to bury her brother and rebel against King Creon’s mandate, even if she is caught, because she owes more loyalty to the dead than to the living.

What do you learn about Antigone and Ismene’s family in the prologue?

Prologue: What has just happened in the sisters’ family? Antigone and Ismene had two brothers, Eteocles and Polyneices, who were both kings of Thebes. Eventually, Eteocles exiled Polyneices and as revenge Polyneices arranged an army and attacked his brother. Due to this battle both brothers were killed.

What problem does Antigone report to her sister at the beginning of the play?

She tells her sister that their brothers have died. The government wants bury only one of the brothers but Antigone wants to give a proper burial to both brothers. Ismene freaks out and thinks that she is crazy. She thinks its a bad idea because Creon will get them.

Why does Ismene now want to share the guilt for burying Polyneices?

How does Antigone think she should be viewed by the people of Thebes? What does Ismene mean in line 146 in Scene 2? She does not want to share the guilt with Ismene because Ismene did not help her.

What does Antigone upset about what does she plan to do?

Antigone will bury Polynieces. She wants to follow the laws of the gods, which tell her to honor her dead family members.

What is Ismene decision regarding the king’s decree?

She believes that God’s laws are more important than man’s laws. What is Ismene’s decision regarding the King’s decree? She is too afraid of recrimination to help Antigone. What does the Choragos compare Polyneices to in the Parodos?

What have you learned about Antigone the protagonist of the play?

So far, what have you learned about Antigone, the protagonist of the play? How would you contrast her with her sister Ismene? Antigone is loyal to her brother. She is rebellious and brave.

What reason does Antigone give for defying Creon’s decree?

What reason does Antigone give for defying Creon’s decree? Antigone believes that the laws of God concerning the burial of the dead are more important than any of man’s laws, including Creon’s.

What does Haemon ask Creon to do what is Creon’s response?

He asks for Creon to not be so stubborn and to free Antigone. He urges him to see reason because if he kills her, citizens who have already sided with her will be angry. What is Creon’s response? Haemon says in Line 119: “Then she must die.

What is the theme of the prologue of Antigone?

In addition to the conflict between the brothers, another theme arises in the prologue of Antigone: the contrast between what is deemed civilized and what is not – covering up the deceased as opposed to leaving the corpse to decompose in public. While Ismene recognizes that it is wrong not to bury her brother,…

What is Antigone’s advice to Ismene?

Antigone says that Ismene should tell everyone so others won’t despise her for keeping her sister’s plan a secret. Wanting to be by herself, she tells Ismene to leave her alone and adds that she will soon despise Ismene, as will the dead.

What happens in the prologue of Sophocles’Antigone?

In literature from American University and an M.F.A. in English from The University of Iowa. In the prologue to Sophocles’ ”Antigone”, Oedipus’s daughters Antigone and Ismene mourn the deaths of their two brothers.

What does Antigone say she will be following sacred laws?

Antigone insists she will be following sacred laws by interring the body of her brother, something she chastises her sister for failing to do. Ismene replies that she honors sacred laws but is afraid to disobey Creon’s decree.

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