What happened in Greece November 17 1973?

What happened in Greece November 17 1973?

The uprising began on 14 November 1973, escalated to an open anti-junta revolt, and ended in bloodshed in the early morning of 17 November after a series of events starting with a tank crashing through the gates of the Polytechnic.

What happened in Greece on November 17?

17N conducted an extensive urban guerrilla campaign against the Greek state, banks, and businesses, as well as American, Turkish, and British targets. The organization committed 103 known armed robberies, assassinations, and bombing attacks, during which 23 people were killed.

What is Greek Polytechnic?

The Polytechnic (Greek: Πολυτεχνείο) is the traditional name for institutions of higher education in Greece, dealing with engineering at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. They consist mainly of Engineering departments and their undergraduate programs have a duration of 5 years (full-time).

When did the generals take over Greece?

Coup d’état of 21 April

Date 21 April 1967
Location Athens, Greece
Result Coup successful Establishment of the Greek junta

What is the 25th March in Greece?

Greek Independence Day
Greek Independence Day, national holiday celebrated annually in Greece on March 25, commemorating the start of the War of Greek Independence in 1821.

Was ancient Greece a dictatorship?

This demokratia, as it became known, was a direct democracy that gave political power to free male Athenian citizens rather than a ruling aristocratic class or dictator, which had largely been the norm in Athens for several hundred years before.

What countries still have dictators?

Current one-party states include China, Cuba, Eritrea, Laos, North Korea and Vietnam.

How long was Greece under Turkish rule?

This period of Ottoman rule in Greece, lasting from the mid-15th century until the successful Greek War of Independence that broke out in 1821 and the proclamation of the First Hellenic Republic in 1822 (preceded by the creation of the autonomous Septinsular Republic in 1800), is known in Greek as Tourkokratia (Greek: …

What happened on the 17th of November 1973?

In the early hours of November 17, 1973, the transitional government sent a tank crashing through the gates of the Athens Polytechnic. Soon after that, Spyros Markezinis himself had the task to request Papadopoulos to reimpose martial law.

What happened on November 14 1973 in Greece?

On November 14, 1973 students at the Athens Polytechnic (Polytechneion) went on strike and started protesting against the military regime (Regime of the Colonels).

What happened in 1973 in the Provisional IRA?

Eight members of the Provisional IRA are convicted of bombings that took place in London during March 1973. The British tanker British Mallard runs aground at Grimsnes, Norway. November 16, 1973: Launch of Skylab 4.

What happened in November 1973 in the Watergate scandal?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The following events occurred in November 1973 : Watergate scandal: Acting Attorney General of the United States, Robert Bork, appoints Leon Jaworski as the new Watergate Special Prosecutor. Preliminary round of the Ukrainian Cup football competition takes place.

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