What is 24K Iridium lens?

What is 24K Iridium lens?

24K Iridium® Lenses: Perfect for Field Sports and Fresh Water Fishing. The 24K is a yellowish tint on a brown lens base, giving you the benefits of both colors in one lens.

What is Iridium lens?

Contrary to popular belief, Oakley iridium lenses do not refer to a special composition of the lens itself. Rather, it consists of a special metal oxide coating on the lens that exhibits specific properties. This coating allows you to tailor the lens according to specific environmental conditions.

How do you clean iridium lenses?

The 12-micron jacket of Iridium® must be treated with special care to avoid scratching. Use only mild soap and water; never use cleaning solutions. IMPORTANT GOGGLE CARE: DO NOT RUB INNER LENS SURFACE WHEN WET.

Are iridium lenses mirrored?

Oakley’s Iridium lenses have a more reflective surface – almost mirror-like in some cases. These might be the lens of choice if you’re looking to hide your eyes, but there are some things to consider such as frame shape or the colour of the tint that can effect this as explained in the video.

What are persimmon lenses good for?

Definition of Persimmon Goggle Lenses from Oakley. This is Oakley’s standard lens and for years has been a staple in their goggle lineup. Improved depth perception and increased contrast results from the orange tint that works great in lower light conditions.

What color is Ice Iridium?

A neutral, blue base lens (similar to gray) with a mirrored finish that’s ideal for bright light. Ice Iridium eliminates 90% of direct sunlight and blocks 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC light.

Is there a difference between Iridium and gold iridium lenses?

Yes, there’s a difference. Gold iridium is a darker lens. There’s a good amount of variation in the brilliance of the gold, but for the most part I believe it’s basically a Bronze lens with iridium, similar to how a Black Iridium is just a grey lens with iridium.

What is the best polar lens for the R1?

Tungsten Polarized on the left, Gold Iridium on the right, 24K on top. Tungsten iridium polar is my absolute favorite lens hands down. I have a set being made for my r1 from Dr.chop

What does 24K look like?

The 24k is a lot brighter in appearance with a more even coloring and a little more yellow in the color. This also causes the “base” tint to fall somewhere between the green-looking Fire and the brown-looking Gold. WPB, FL. Click to expand…

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