What is 999 alcohol?

What is 999 alcohol?

Stumbras 999 Herba Devynia Bitter is a herbal liqueur from Lithuania, made using nine roots, nine barks and herbs, and nine leaves, blossoms and fruit – including ginger, star anise, rhubarb and holy grass – and others which remain a secret.

What is Devynerios 999 original?

Stumbras 999 Raudonos Devynerios is an orange-and-lemon-flavour liqueur from Lithuania, made with the addition of a secret blend of herbs.

What does Stumbras mean?

Stumbras is a delightful Lithuanian vodka. The vodka is filtered four times, making it very pure and mild. The Stumbras bottle also includes a stalk of wheat, this is meant to echo the grain base of the spirit within.

What is Trejos Devynerios?

Trejos devynerios. A shot a day keeps a doctor away.

What is Malunininku?

Made in honor of the millers it was named for, MILLER’S bitters is one of the most interesting beverages the specialists at STUMBRAS have ever created. Produced from kvass, this dark brown bitters has a slightly burning, piquant taste and an aroma reminiscent of rye bread.

What is Lithuanian vodka made from?

Originali lietuviška degtinė/Original Lithuanian vodka. Rectified ethyl alcohol produced from grain cultivated in the Republic of Lithuania and water prepared by reverse osmosis.

How do you drink Trejos Devynerios 999?

Always use TREJOS DEVYNERIOS exactly as indicated by the doctor. In case of any doubts, please consult your doctor or pharmacist. The preparation is to be used after meals, 2-3 times per day, at doses of 1 measuring spoon (5 ml) of the undiluted extract, or 50-100 ml – if diluted with water or tea.

What Lithuanian vodka is best?

LITHUANIAN VODKA Gold This vodka is well-known both in and outside of Lithuania: a long-standing market leader, it was named the most popular vodka in our country in 2013 for the fourth time in a row, and has won numerous awards at international exhibits abroad.

How do you drink Lithuanian mead?

It is of a mild taste and aroma, and of beautiful red color. The spiciness of the mead nectar is provided by the juice of blueberries, cranberries, and cherries. The drink is enjoyed by little sips from little shot glasses; it goes with sweet desserts the best.

What alcohol do they drink in Lithuania?

Traditional Lithuanian beverages are gira (a non-alcoholic drink made from rye bread), kisielius (fruity cranberry drink), beer, various spirit drinks with fruit or herbal infusions and, of course, mead.

What are the most popular alcoholic beverages in Lithuania?

It is also the largest exporter of strong alcoholic beverages and one of the biggest taxpayers in Lithuania. The company’s most famous brands include “Lithuanian vodka” ( vodka ), “999” ( bitter ), “Gloria” ( brandy ), “Stumbro Starka” (bitter), “Krupnikas” ( liqueur) and “Poema” (liqueur).

How did Stumbras become Lithuania’s largest alcohol producer?

In 1948 the Soviets decided to merge the Stumbras factory with the M. Velykis liquor factory, thus creating the largest alcohol producer in the Lithuanian SSR. In 1975 three local spirit producers in Atanavas, Balbieriškis and Šilutė were merged into the company and it became known as “Stumbras”.

How much did it cost to build the Kaunas Wine Company?

The government of Kaunas acquired a suitable plot of land in 1903 for a high price of 52,200 Russian rubles. The buildings were finished and production started at the end of 1906. The official name of the company was “Kazionyj Nr.1 vinyj očistnyj sklad” (State wine warehouse No. 1).

Why did the Kaunas law come about?

The law was expected to increase budget revenues and to improve the quality of produced vodka. The government of Kaunas acquired a suitable plot of land in 1903 for a high price of 52,200 Russian rubles. The buildings were finished and production started at the end of 1906.

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