What is a coat rack?

What is a coat rack?

Coat racks are a great and easy way to add extra storage space in your entryway, living room or bedroom. To make room for all your scarves, hats and jackets, you need a solid and stylish coat rack.

What kind of shelf do you use to hang coats on?

Rustic Coat Rack Wall Mounted Shelf with Hooks & Baskets, Entryway Organizer Wall Shelf, Solid Wooden Shelf with Hooks – Hang Coats, Keys or Coffee Mugs! (Whitewashed, 24 Inch) .

Do you need a hat stand or coat rack?

If you like hats and are in need of a good way to display and store them, then hat stands have got you covered. Coat racks are not only functional but can also add some character to your space.

How do you decorate a room with a coat rack?

Spruce up your entryway or office with a chic coat stand that also doubles up as an abstract sculpture. Put the corner of the room to good use with a standing coat rack or a freestanding coat rack. Take your pick from a variety of options ranging from a modern coat tree to a vintage coat rack with an umbrella stand.

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