What is a Schnellfeuer pistol?

What is a Schnellfeuer pistol?

Referred to as Schnellfeuer (“rapid fire”), this pistol closely resembles the standard semi-automatic C96 pistol in 7.63×25 mm/.30 Mauser with a 5.5-inch barrel, a rear-sight assembly graduated from 50 to 1,000 meters and a detachable wooden buttstock/holster.

What is the difference between a Schnellfeuer and a C96?

However, there are two conspicuous features that visually differentiate the Schnellfeuer from the standard C96: a detachable-box magazine and a fire selector on the left side of the frame with markings for Einzelfeuer (“single fire”) and Reihenfeuer (“series fire”).

When was the Oberndorf C96 made?

This model is a standard C96 made in 1916-1917 that cost me a pretty penny. The proofs on the left side of the gun are the double crown over U proofs of the Oberndorf proof house: All Broomhandles typically have these marks. A small mark on the other side is what a collector really wants:

When did the Mauser C96 come out in Spain?

In 1927, Spanish gunmakers started producing the popular C96 Mauser semi-automatic pistol to meet growing demand for the gun. Chinese warlords wanted the C96 to arm their forces—first Beistegui Hermanos, and then Astra the following year were meeting that need.

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