What is devi?

What is devï?

Devï is an ethical clothing brand focusing on women’s empowerment, rural community development and sustainability. Come visit us at the Devï Boutique to explore more wonderful and unique fashion pieces.

Why choose Devi floor heating?

The DEVI brand is a part of the Danfoss Group – Denmark’s largest industry company. DEVI is the global market leader in floor heating and the biggest European producer of the electrical heating systems. Our declared aim is to be the preferred choice for installers as well as end-users.

Why choose devireg™ Smart with devismart™ app?

The DEVIreg™ Smart with DEVIsmart™ App provides optimum floor heating comfort, exactly when and where you need it. Electric floor heating regulation has never been easier. Considering the ease of DEVI installation, we are glad to support each electrical heating installer with specific online training, tailored to particular demands.

Why choose Devi ice and snow melting?

DEVI offers a smart and simple solution to keep our houses dry and safe during the winter season. Outdoor heating systems help to save time and money while avoiding unnecessary work. DEVI ice and snow melting systems are fitted to meet homeowners individual needs.

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