What is new net metering policy?

What is new net metering policy?

The new rules permit net metering to the prosumer for loads up to 500 kilowatts (kW) or up to the sanctioned load, whichever is lower, and gross metering for loads over 500 kW. The commissions have introduced time-of-the-day tariffs whereby prosumers are incentivised to install energy storage.

Does solar make sense in New Hampshire?

In the brisk but sunny fall and spring, solar panels in New Hampshire will produce a disproportionately high amount of power, helping to make up for any power loss due to solar panels being covered in snow. New Hampshirites going solar have a few options, the most popular is a grid-tied solar electric array.

How does Eversource net metering work?

The value of net metering credits are calculated by subtracting the kWh supplied by Eversource from the kWh fed back into the grid during the billing period. You receive a monetary bill credit for each kWh that’s 100% of the default energy service charge and transmission charges, and plus 25% of distribution charges.

Does SCE have net metering?

We offer customers who produce their own electricity through an eligible renewable distributed generation system a rate option called Net Energy Metering (NEM). This credit will then be applied to your energy bill, to offset all or part of the costs associated with the energy you consume each month.

Does NH have Srec?

The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (PUC) created the basis for an SREC market in New Hampshire beginning in 2010. The Electric Renewable Portfolio Standard Act specifies that Load Serving Entities (LSEs) must create .

Is net metering grandfathered?

In March 2017, regulators decided to “grandfather existing solar customers into retail net metering rates for the next 20 years.” Another decision made by the commission would allow the original net metering rates to stay with the home if it is sold.

What happens if you generate more solar power than you use?

If you produce more solar power than you use (as will be the case for many customers during daytime hours, especially in summer) then your system will feed power out to the grid.

Where can I find rules governing net metering in NH?

Rulesgoverning net metering are also available on the Commission’s website. NH law limits the amount of customer owned generation used for net metering for each utility’s service area. If you are interested in net metering, make sure to check with your utility on its availability.

Who can take advantage of net metering?

If you are a customer of Eversource, Liberty Utilities, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative and Unitil and you are interested in installing equipment which produces electricity using renewable energy, you can take advantage of net metering. It doesn’t matter if you buy your energy supply from your local utility or a competitive energy supplier.

What is a net meter?

Customers who net meter have a special meter which measures the difference between the electricity provided by the local utility or competitive energy supplier and the electricity produced by an on-site renewable energy source.

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