What is the largest grommet size?

What is the largest grommet size?

#15 Jumbo Curtain / Drapery Grommets (10 or 100 sets). Our largest grommets, size #15 are perfect for curtains, drapery and other large, heavy fabrics and materials. Inner diameter: 2″; outer diameter: 3″; depth: 11mm.

What sizes do grommets come in?

Grommets and washers are assigned a standard sizing number from #00 to #4….Grommet Size Chart.

Size ID (inner diameter) OD (outer diameter)
#1 0.454 0.790
#2 0.514 0.893
#3 0.528 0.968
#4 0.642 1.118

What’s the difference between grommets and eyelets?

There are slight differences in the two, an eyelet is comprised of two rings of metal that have small prongs that when applied together with forced, form a strong bond with one another. A grommet is very similar. Grommets are typically used for more heavy duty materials and usually are bigger in size.

What size is a #12 grommet?

Grommet and Eyelet Sizing Chart

Size Outside Diameter (in millimeters) Depth (in millimeters)
#8 (1-1/8″) 50mm 8mm
#10 (1-7/16″) 48mm 7mm
#12 (1-9/16″) 61.5mm 11mm
#12L 72mm 9.5mm

Are there different types of grommets?

There are two common types of grommets: the plain grommet (sometimes also known as the washer grommet) and the spur grommet. Since both types of grommets are used to reinforce holes, how different can they be?

What does eyelet mean?

Definition of eyelet 1a : a small hole designed to receive a cord or used for decoration (as in embroidery) b : a small typically metal ring to reinforce an eyelet : grommet. 2 : peephole, loophole.

How big are grommets on banners?

The most common grommets for banner sizes are 3/16 of an inch, 3/8 of an inch, one half of an inch, 1 inch, 7/16 of an inch, three, in the most widely used size being a grommet is 3/8 of an inch.

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