What is the plot summary of Antigone?

What is the plot summary of Antigone?

Antigone is a tragedy written by Sophocles in the year 441 BCE and is a play about the aftermath of a civil war in which the two sons of Oedipus, Eteocles and Polyneices, kill each other, where the new king and their successor, Creon, tries to punish Polyneices for his disloyalty by not burying him properly.

What happened in Scene 1 of Antigone?

Scene One: Antigone tries to convince her sister Ismene to join her in burying their brother Polynices. Ismene refuses, because their uncle Creon has decreed that anyone who does will pay the penalty of death. First Ode: The Chorus of Old Men celebrate Thebes’ victory over Polynices’ army.

What happens in Scene 3 of Antigone?

Creon’s Fury Flying into a rage, Creon accuses his son of speaking against him just to protect Antigone. Haimon admits that he is defending her – as well as protecting himself, his father, and his city–from being denied justice. He then tells his father that Antigone’s death will cause the death of someone else.

What happens in Scene 2 of Antigone?

In Scene 2, Antigone is brought before Creon to answer for burying her brother against his orders. The two debate the authority of Creon’s edict vs. the laws of the gods, which require Polyneices’s burial. Creon sentences Antigone to death, despite the chorus and sentry’s disapproval.

Why did Antigone hang herself?

When King Creon finds out, he becomes furious and orders Antigone to be walled up alive in a tomb. Rather than live in dishonor, Antigone sees it as her religious duty towards the gods and her brother to take her own life by hanging herself.

What is the moral of Antigone?

In Antigone, the moral of the story is that of fate. This moral is incorporated through the actions of both Creon and Antigone. The moral also corresponds with a recurring theme of the abuse of power, something that Creon is more than guilty of.

What happens in Scene 4 of Antigone?

In the fourth scene of Sophocles’s Antigone, we find Antigone on the way to the tomb where she will be shut in alive for attempting to bury her brother. Antigone speaks of her immense sadness.

What is the theme of ode 2 in Antigone?

The meaning of Ode 2 in Antigone is a dark warning about the wrath of the gods and foreshadows the tragic fate of Antigone.

What does ode 4 mean in Antigone?

Foreshadowing: Ode 4 is foreshadowing that the love between Haemon and Antigone being defeated by Creon because he will end up punishing her. Continuing for the love and respect that Haemon has towards his father Creon to end due to his decision.

What reason does Antigone give for defying Creon?

What reason does Antigone give for defying Creon’s decree? Antigone believes that the laws of God concerning the burial of the dead are more important than any of man’s laws, including Creon’s.

What happened to Antigone after she buried her brother?

After guiding her blind father/brother Oedipus, the ex-king of Thebes, around the countryside until his death, Antigone returns home to Thebes to find out that her brothers, Eteocles and Polyneices, have killed each other in a battle for the throne.

What happens to Antigone at the end of the play?

Antigone has hanged herself and Haemon, in desperate agony, kills himself as well. On hearing the news of her son’s death, Eurydice, the queen, also kills herself, cursing Creon. Alone, in despair, Creon accepts responsibility for all the tragedy and prays for a quick death.

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