What is the rarest item in lumber tycoon?

What is the rarest item in lumber tycoon?

You can use a eye to get to the end times biome. You can buy an eye for like 5k. The rarest item i would say would be either the pineapple painting or the gift fire axe.

What is the strongest axe in lumber tycoon 2?

The strongest Axe is a tie between the Industry Giant and The Devil’s Horns. They both have a base damage of 334, which is the highest you can get from any tool in Lumber Tycoon 2.

How much is the Amber AXE worth in lumber tycoon 2?

$1,100 Money
The Amber Axe was an item that could be purchased from Bob’s Shack for $1,100 Money, as a part of the 2018 Halloween Event.

How much is bee axe worth?

The beesaxe is worth at most 100k.

How much is the cave axe worth?


Axes Cost Range
Standard Axes (Available from Wood R Us)
Cave Axe 32,089 (From Spooky Deep Earth Gift) 10
Overgrown Axe 29,500 (From Murky Gift of Goo) 9
Unobtainable axes

How do you save slots in lumber tycoon 2?

To save current progress, one must have at least one plot of Land. Then, they must click Menu, then the Load tab and select one of the slots the player wishes to save it on.

How do I delete a slot in Theme Park Tycoon 2?

Go into Settings on the bottom right hand of you roblox screen and then scroll down to Delete everything and press Delete everything buttom and it will then ask you a few questions that you will need to answer and fill out before you can delete everything.

How do I get bold and brash 2020?

It is able to be obtained by owning a Numbered Cube with the number 12 on it, opened 22 times, and another Numbered Cube, with number 13 on it, opened 23 times. Once the player has the required items, the player needs to go to the Cavern of the Sight which can be only accessed by opening the Shrine of the Sight.

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