What is there to see between Nelson and Picton?

What is there to see between Nelson and Picton?

The BEST Stops between Picton and Nelson

  1. Picton. Views of the harbor in Picton!
  2. Enjoy Queen Charlotte Drive. There are some pretty spectacular views to see along the way.
  3. Governors Bay Track.
  4. Aussie Bay Campsite.
  5. Groves Arm Jetty and Momorangi Bay.
  6. The Queen Charlotte Tavern.
  7. Cullen Point Lookout.
  8. Havelock.

Is Nelson NZ worth visiting?

Located at the top of the North-West of the South Island, Nelson is the sunniest place in New Zealand. Here, you can enjoy arts and crafts, plenty of shopping, great creative culture and beautiful beaches. Nelson is also a great gateway to the Tasman Bay, where you can arrange a hike on the beautiful Abel Tasman Track.

How much is a bus from Picton to Nelson?

The best way to get from Picton to Nelson without a car is to bus which takes 2h 13m and costs $26 – $45.

How long is Queen Charlotte Drive?

33.2 km
How long is Queen Charlotte Drive? The road is 33.2 km (20.62mi) long running west-east from the town of Havelock, at the head of Pelorus Sound towards Picton, the gateway to the islands and inlets of the Marlborough Sounds.

Is the Queen Charlotte Drive open?

Public access, with some restrictions, along the length of Queen Charlotte Drive has been given the green light. The scenic corridor between Picton and Havelock reopened to the public, with some restrictions, on Monday evening.

Why is Nelson so popular?

Nelson, famous for its sunshine, long golden beaches and national parks. Nelson, the geographical centre of New Zealand. The Nelson region is famous for its year-round sunshine, long golden beaches, national parks, locally grown produce, freshly caught seafood, and a large creative community of working artists.

How long does it take to drive from Nelson to Golden Bay?

about 1 hour 45 minutes
The 64-mile (103-kilometer) journey from Nelson to the small town of Takaka in Golden Bay takes about 1 hour 45 minutes, while the 80-mile (130-kilometer) journey from Nelson to Collingwood, further west in Golden Bay, takes just over two hours.

How long is the ferry from Wellington to Picton?

approximately 3½ hours
The Interislander ferry Wellington to Picton takes approximately 3½ hours.

Is the road from Picton to Anakiwa open?

The newly developed Link Pathway (Te Ara Tuhono) is a dedicated, off-road walking and cycling route connecting Picton, Anakiwa and Havelock, which shadows the Queen Charlotte Drive for much of its route. Most of the off-road sections are now open.

Is the road from Picton to Havelock open?

The scenic corridor between Picton and Havelock reopened to the public, with some restrictions, on Monday evening.

How long drive from Golden Bay to Nelson?

How long does it take to get from Picton to Nelson?

The journey from Picton to Nelson takes approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes. Search for a bus Picton to Nelson with New Zealand’s most popular national bus network. Established in 1841, Nelson is the second oldest developed city in New Zealand and the oldest in the South Island.

What is the best way to drive around Picton?

Please take this into account when making your travel plans. Leaving Picton toward the Nelson Region there are two routes to drive. If the weather is good the most scenic route is the Queen Charlotte Drive that twists and winds its way through the Marlborough Sounds. One of the most picturesque drives in the country.

What is there to do in Nelson?

There are many local art galleries, studios and gift shops to visit in Nelsons town centre. You’ll also find many quality cafes and restaurants in the town centre serving delicious food and great local wine. Situated in the secluded Tasman Bay, Nelson is one of New Zealand’s sunniest cities.

What is the Nelson Provincial Museum?

The Nelson Provincial Museum, Pupuri Taonga O Te Tai Ao is a regional museum in the city of Nelson, New Zealand. The museum showcases the Nelson and Tasman regions’ history, from geological origins to the stories of individuals and families.

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