What is Viks real name?

What is Viks real name?

Vikram Singh Barn (born 2 August 1995), known online as Vikkstar123, is an English YouTuber and Internet personality….

Born Vikram Singh Barn 2 August 1995 Guildford, England
Education Silverdale School
Occupation YouTuber live streamer
YouTube information

How much does Vikkstar make per year?

A highlight on the earnings Vikkstar123HD and VikkstarPlays, with 4.32 million subscribers as and over 1.1 billion channel views combined, earn him $270,000 per year. On average, a video Vikkstar123 receives 735,000 views, with the highest video witnessing around7. 4 a million views.

What is KSI s car?

Lamborghini Aventador
The Lamborghini Aventador was the car owned by KSI.

Is Chunkz a Millionaire?

Amin Mohammed, better known by his stage name Chunkz, is a YouTuber and host with a net worth of £350,000. The viral 2017 Big Shaq song ‘Man’s Not Hot’ featured him as Asznee, and he rocketed to stardom as a result of this. But after retiring from music, he focused on other things in his life and career.

How old is Vikkstar123?

To a father and mother from different backgrounds, Vikkstar123 took birth in the year 1995 ( age 24 years; as in 2019) on 2 nd August. His parents named him Vikram Singh Barn but people know him from his nicknames. He has two brothers but we know the name of 1 brother which is Lewis. He grew up in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom.

Is vikstar123’s name spelled with an extra K?

“Vikstar” was also taken (as was “Vikstar123”) so he eventually settled on “Vikkstar123” – leading to many years of people thinking his name was actually spelled with an extra ‘K’. Vik has been a part of the Sidemen since 2013 but he joined a short period of time after the other five members (excluding W2S at that time) had formed.

What GCSEs did vikkstar get?

During his secondary school years he got 12A* in his GCSE’s and as a result was offered a place at University College London to study Natural Sciences. However, Vikkstar decided to pursue a career in YouTube instead and declined the offer, instead taking a gap year.

How tall is Vikram Barn?

They donated the proceedings to a foundation. He has many nicknames like “The Indian Boy” and “Helmet Guy”. Vikram Barn is 5 ft 8 in (173 cm) tall in height and 68 kg (150 lbs) in weight. In total, he has 3 YouTube channels.

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