What is Volt Information Science?

What is Volt Information Science?

Volt Information Sciences, Inc. is an international provider of staffing services, outsourcing solutions, and information technology infrastructure services.

Is volt an agency?

Volt Technical Resources is an American Recruitment/recruiting organization / employment agency based in New York City but with operations throughout North America.

How do volts work?

Voltage is the pressure from an electrical circuit’s power source that pushes charged electrons (current) through a conducting loop, enabling them to do work such as illuminating a light. In brief, voltage = pressure, and it is measured in volts (V).

What causes voltage?

Voltage is the electrical force that causes free electrons to move from one atom to another. Just as water needs some pressure to force it through a pipe, electrical current needs some force to make it flow. “Volts” is the measure of “electrical pressure” that causes current flow.

How is voltage produced?

Electric generators move magnets near coils of wires to create the voltages on the electrical grid. DC generation creates voltages using the energy from light in photovoltaic cells, or the energy from chemical reactions, usually inside batteries, and even temperature differences by using thermocouples.

How powerful is a volt?

A Volt is a measure of the pressure forcing the current to flow. Notice that the number of electrons in both wires is the same. A flashlight battery with 1.5 volts is not very strong, but the 120 volts in your house is strong enough to run your refrigerator.

How many electrons are in a volt?

Unit of Measure for Electric Current—The Ampere We already know that 1 volt is an EMF of 6.24 X 1018 electrons.

How much did volt sell maintech for?

Under the terms of the sale agreement, Volt sold Maintech for a purchase price of $18.3 million, subject to a $100,000 holdback, deductions for outstanding debt and certain expenses and a customary closing working capital adjustment, which resulted in Volt receiving cash proceeds of $13.9 million at closing.

Who owns maintech Holdings LLC?

Maintech Holdings, LLC is owned by MTECH Holdings, LLC. Information concerning this transaction was filed by Volt today with the Securities and Exchange Commission and can be obtained at www.sec.gov or the ‘Investors’ section of Volt’s website at www.volt.com .

Why did volt choose contingent personnel services?

As the company grew, we saw an opportunity to fill a critical need for our clients by providing contingent personnel services and this part of the business quickly developed into the core of Volt’s service offerings.

Why maintech for cantata health?

Please try again later. Cantata Health relied on Maintech during a critical IT infrastructure transition period. Gain OEM independence while increasing reliability with vendor-neutral service solutions. We’ve set the industry standard for IT service delivery. A comprehensive line of services customized to fit your needs.

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