What piece did River Phoenix play in Running on Empty?

What piece did River Phoenix play in Running on Empty?

In Sidney Lumet’s latest movie, “Running on Empty,” River Phoenix portrays Danny Pope, a. k. a. “Mike Manfield” and several other fictitious names. He is 17, in a state of emotional hibernation, and a mystery to his teachers. Yet he performs Mozart’s Fantasia, K.

Did River Phoenix actually play piano in Running on Empty?

Although River Phoenix learned all the hand motions to the piano pieces his character performs in the movie, the audio was dubbed by a professional pianist.

Is running on empty a true story?

Politics is a pretext for these other issues, and unfortunately, in the hands of director Sidney Lumet, they are made tired and trite. The film is loosely based on the true story of a couple who were involved in the bombing of a napalm factory in which someone was killed.

How old is Danny Pope in Running on Empty?

At the time of the incident, their son Danny was two years old. As the film begins, he is in his late teens, and the family, now with younger son Harry, are again relocating and assuming new identities.

What happened to the actor River Phoenix?

On October 31, 1993, actor River Phoenix died of a drug overdose outside the notorious Viper Room nightclub in Hollywood. He was just 23 years old.

Where was Running on Empty movie filmed?

Running on Empty (released in America as Fast Lane Fever) is a 1982 Australian action film. Shot in Canbelligo, Cobar and Sydney in New South Wales, Australia.

How did the movie Running on Empty end?

At the end, the FBI begins to close in on the Popes, and they prepare to leave town for yet another new life and identity. However, Arthur tells Danny that he is to go live with Annie’s father in New York while attending Juilliard. The Popes then drive off, leaving Danny behind to start his new life.

Where was Running on Empty 1988 filmed?

Location shooting took place in Tenafly and Englewood, NJ, with some exteriors also filmed in Florida, according to production notes in AMPAS library files.

When did Running on Empty movie come out?

September 9, 1988 (USA)Running on Empty / Release date

Where was Running on Empty filmed?

Where does Running on Empty take place?

New Jersey
The heart of ”Running on Empty” is the slow-burning romance between Danny and the smart, tomboyish Lorna Phillips (Martha Plimpton), the daughter of the high school music teacher (Ed Crowley) in the New Jersey town where the Popes put down temporary roots.

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