Where is Chartis group headquarters?

Where is Chartis group headquarters?

The Chartis Group is headquartered in Chicago, IL and has 8 office locations across 1 country.

What does Chartis do?

The Chartis Group is the nation’s largest independent healthcare advisory firm, with a unique breadth and depth of capabilities to meet healthcare’s most pressing issues. The Chartis Group comprises Chartis Consulting, The Greeley Company, and Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock.

Who owns the Chartis group?

Audax Private Equity
Audax Private Equity has acquired The Chartis Group, a provider of healthcare consulting services, from Riordan, Lewis & Haden (RLH). The Chartis Group provides advisory services and analytics to hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare organizations.

Who is the Chartis group?

The Chartis Group is a comprehensive advisory and analytics services firm dedicated to the healthcare industry. We harness #NextIntelligence to reimagine healthcare by combining human experience and judgment with cutting-edge data, analytics, and technology.

What is an IMS consultant?

IMS Consulting specialises in advising its clients on sustainability – how to develop sustainability. strategies, how to communicate those strategies intelligently and how to effectively. engage with their stakeholders.

What kind of insurance is Chartis?

As well as providing Life Insurance, Chartis can also furnish personal insurance such as home insurance, contents cover, car insurance as well as health and accident insurance and the can also provide cover for identity theft.

Did AIG change their name?

American International Group Inc. has begun using the AIG name as its brand again, AIG announced Sunday. AIG announced its intention in June to revert to the old name for its commercial property/casualty operations, replacing the Chartis Inc.

Is Iqvia a consulting firm?

IQVIA is a highly specialized firm, focusing only on these 3 specific practice areas within the life sciences and healthcare sectors. Still, these are two of the sexiest and most exciting industries to consult for, with a wide variety of companies falling within the parameters of life sciences and healthcare.

Does Chartis exist?

“This fall, Chartis will be rebranded AIG, and SunAmerica Financial Group will become AIG Life and Retirement.”

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