Where is Cooum located?

Where is Cooum located?

The Cooum river (also known as Thiruvallikenni river) is one of the shortest classified rivers draining into the Bay of Bengal….Cooum River.

Cooum Triplicane
• location Kesavaram Anaicut, Vellore district, Tamil Nadu, India
Mouth Cooum delta
• location Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
• elevation 0 ft (0 m)

Is Adyar River and Cooum river same?

Most of the waste from the city is drained into this river and the Cooum….Adyar River.

• location Tamil Nadu, India
Length 26 mi (42 km)
Basin size 204 sq mi (530 km2)

Is there any river in Chennai?

The long suffering residents of Chennai have been living with two dead rivers, the Adyar and the Cooum, flowing through the heart of their city. These two rivers meander sluggishly through the city carrying sewage and dangerous pollutants.

Where is Kosasthalaiyar River located?

Kosasthalaiyar is 136-kilometre (85 mi) long and originates near Pallipattu in Thiruvallur district and drains into the Bay of Bengal. Its northern tributary Nagari river originates in Chitoor district of Andhra Pradesh and joins the main river in the backwaters of Poondi reservoir.

Why is Chennai called Chennai?

According to the new party history, instead of being named Madras, it was named Chennai, after a village called Chennapattanam, in honour of Damarla Chennapa Naick, father of Damerla Venkatadri Naick, who controlled the entire coastal country from Pulicat in the north to the Portuguese settlement of Santhome.

What does Chennai mean?

Wiktionary. Chennainoun. State capital of Tamil Nadu (India), formerly known as Madras. Etymology: From the name of Chennappa Naicker, the Rajah of Chandragiri, a Telugu-speaker from Andhra Pradesh.

Is Adyar river clean?

There is some recovery of species in the Adyar estuary and creek, the point at which the river flows into the sea. Adyar is one of the three rivers that flow through Chennai city. While Cooum and Adyar are so polluted that they are considered dead rivers, Kosasthalaiyar is comparatively less polluted.

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