Who has Max Branning slept with?

Who has Max Branning slept with?

Ruby Allen (2019) He didn’t miss an opportunity when he spotted stood-up RubyCredit: BBC.

  • Rainie Cross (2018) Tanya did the double – bedding Max and JackCredit: BBC.
  • Fi Browning (2017)
  • Stacey Slater (2017)
  • Karin Smart (2015)
  • Lucy Beale (2014)
  • Kirsty Branning (2012)
  • Vanessa Gold (2010)
  • Why did Max leave EastEnders?

    No official reason has been given as to why the star is leaving, but it could be because he has spent so much time on the show. At the time, he said he had made some great friends and he would miss everyone, and he was grateful the door had been left open.

    How many times has Max Branning been married?

    During his time in Walford Max Branning has been married four times and had numerous affairs and flings.

    Is Tanya from EastEnders in home and away?

    Tanya Osborne was a character on Home and Away and was the mother of Maddy Osborne.

    Why did Tanya leave EastEnders?

    Tanya Cross (also Branning and Jessop) is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera, EastEnders, played by Jo Joyner. She made her first appearance on 27 June 2006. Joyner left the show temporarily on 25 December 2009 for maternity leave.

    What is Jake Wood doing after EastEnders?

    After departing from Albert Square earlier this year, Jake Wood has announced his return to acting with a new play. Now, taking to Instagram, Jake has announced a new project that will see him star alongside Lily Allen, Hadley Fraser, and Julia Chan.

    Is Jake Wood returning to EastEnders?

    Ex-EastEnders star Jake Wood says he’ll “never say never” to returning to Albert Square. The Max Branning actor said he didn’t ever get bored of playing his character, and certain scenes definitely kept him on his toes, especially the one where he was buried alive.

    How many wives did Phil Mitchell have?

    How many times has Phil been married? Phil Mitchell has been married four times. His first wife was Romanian refugee Nadia Boravac, who wanted a visa to stay in the UK. He then tied the knot with Kathy, before having another romance with Sharon.

    Is Tanya coming back to EastEnders 2021?

    EastEnders: Jo Joyner will return as Tanya Branning after Ackley Bridge exit, say fans.

    How many siblings does Lucy Beale have in EastEnders?

    She is the twin sister of Peter Beale (Dayle Hudson), and has three half siblings, older brother Steven Beale ( Aaron Sidwell ), younger sister Cindy Williams ( Mimi Keene) and younger brother Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell). From 2004, when the role was recast to the older Suffield, storylines featuring Lucy focused upon her teenage rebellion.

    How old are Lucy Beale’s brothers Peter and Steven?

    Lucy and her twin brother, Peter were born in December 1993. When Lucy was 2 years old, her mother, Cindy Williams had her father Ian Beale shot and Cindy flees the country with Lucy’s brothers, Peter and Steven.

    Who was Lucy Katherine Beale?

    Lucy Katherine Beale was the daughter of Ian Beale and Cindy Beale and sister of Steven, Peter, Cindy and Bobby .

    How old are Lucy Beale and Peter Beale in line of duty?

    Lucy and her twin brother Peter Beale (Francis Brittin-Snell) are born in December 1993, to Ian (Adam Woodyatt) and Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins).

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