Are aluminum heads better than cast iron?

Are aluminum heads better than cast iron?

Both types of heads can be damaged if the engine overheats. Cast iron is much more durable. However, aluminum heads are easier to fix. The metal is softer and easier to weld and machine.

How much do SBC aluminum heads weigh?

Registered. SBC steel heads are about 50 pounds each.

Do Aluminium heads crack?

The constant change in temperature causes cracks to form in aluminum heads. Cracking causes the head to lose pressure, resulting in lost power for your vehicle. When performing your own check for cracks, you need a method of testing that does not use expensive equipment and works with a non-magnetic metal.

What is the compression ratio for 93 octane with aluminum heads?

Because aluminum conducts (dissipates to the cooling system) heat much faster than cast iron does, you can run 10.5:1 with aluminum heads on 93 octane.

What is the highest compression you can run on pump gas?

You can run 11:1 or even 12:1 compression on your pump-gas street motor, but you’ll need this simple advie to make it happen. A four-stroke (or four-cycle) engine is so called because in the process of producing power, the piston passes up and down the bore four times.

How much does a Chevy 350 weigh with aluminum heads?

Aluminum Stage 1 weighs 16 lbs. oil pan 6 pounds. Stock 350 w/alum. intake just under 400 lbs.

Why choose Procomp aluminum alloy heads?

You don’t sacrifice quality for a low price – get both with a set of Procomp Aluminum Alloy Heads. These heads are loaded with high end features like bronze valve guides, 5-angle valve job, and 3/8″ screw-in rocker studs with guideplates.

What’s wrong with Pro Comp heads?

the biggest issue is pro comp offers these heads “assembled” to its dealers (i use the word assembled very very loosely) there is no machineing done parts are slapped in heads put into a box and sent to the dealer.. as for any dealers doing the same i cant say.

What is the potential of the Procomp castings?

As to the potential of the Procomp castings, look at what Bryce has done with the Airwolf 220e heads. They are a great CNC SBC head using the procomp castings as a base to start from.

How much more HP can you add to aluminum heads?

I compared stock heads to a set of pro comp aluminum and I told the guy for 300.00 more we can use allot better heads and have 75 to 100 more hp added.

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