Does national grid use Speedpay?

Does national grid use Speedpay?

November 16, 2009 – As an added convenience for its customers in Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens, National Grid is now accepting credit and debit card payment via the phone and internet through Western Union Speedpay.

Is National Grid the same as Con Edison?

For Manhattan, Bronx and parts of Queens, Con Edison is the natural gas service provider. For buildings in Brooklyn, Staten Island and parts of Queens, the natural gas service provider is National Grid. Con Edison’s contact: Go to: or call 1-800-643-1289.

Can I pay National Grid with Apple pay?

New features include payment via Apple Pay, overdraft protection, paperless billing options, and more. National Grid customers can pay their energy bills along with other household bills from one convenient location – via desktop or mobile phone.

How can I pay my national grid bill online?

Low Income Discount Program,Low Income Electric Discount Program and Low Income Electric Heating Discount Program

  • Low Income Gas Discount Program
  • AffordAbility
  • Serious Illness/Medical Emergency
  • Third Party Notification
  • Hospitalized Customer Assistance Plans
  • Braille Bills/Eye Saver Service
  • Consumer Advocates
  • Deaf,Hard of Hearing,and Speech Impaired
  • How do I pay my National Grid online?

    Go to this National Grid page

  • Choose the Stop Service option
  • Log in to your account
  • Follow the prompts from the site from then on
  • How to pay your national grid Bill?

    to pay with credit, debit, or bank account. Hereof, can I pay my National Grid bill over the phone? Payments Over the Phone To pay over the phone, call 1-888-849-4310. Note that this is an automated system that accepts major credit cards, but may take up to three (3) days for processing. Additional service charges may apply.

    How do I pay my national grid bill by phone?

    Pay By Phone . Have your 10 digit account number ready and call: 1-800-322-3223. to pay with bank account. Click to expand Pay By Mail . Pay By Mail . Make checks payable to National Grid and use the envelope provided with your bill, or mail to: National Grid P.O. Box 371361 Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7361.

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