Does Pomerol age well?

Does Pomerol age well?

The Lalande de Pomerol appellation has excellent terroir for vine growing and a long and rich winemaking history. The wines are aromatic, pair well with food, and can age well.

Was 2018 a good year for Pomerol?

2018 Pomerol continues the appellations streak of recent great vintages, 2009, 2010, 2015, 2016 and now 2018. While each of those years offer incredible wines with characteristics you can only find in Pomerol, at their best, perhaps 2018 outclasses all those previous years.

Is 2016 a good Bordeaux year?

2016 Vintage – Bordeaux. The 2016 vintage of Bordeaux is widely considered to be excellent, even legendary. The winter was wet and one of the warmest ever recorded. The warm, humid conditions continued throughout spring, speeding up growth and prompting an early budburst.

Is 2015 Bordeaux a good year?

Bordeaux, France’s preeminent wine region, is on a serious winning streak. The 2015 vintage is the second excellent year in a row following the quietly successful 2014—and it’s positioned just ahead of the potentially classic 2016 and promising 2017.

How long does a Bordeaux last?

Can all Bordeaux age? No way. Young white Bordeaux should be consumed within a few years and less expensive red Bordeaux is meant to be consumed within 5 years.

What do you drink with Pomerol?

Pomerol soil conditions range from rocky loam to clay, yielding an array of different flavors and characters. In general, you will find the full-bodied wines to contain hints of licorice and ripened or dried red fruits. The wines pair well with game meats, veal, and turkey.

What type of wine is Pomerol?

red wine
Pomerol is a red wine appellation located on the right bank of the Dordogne River in Bordeaux, France. Unlike the classification systems used in St. -Émilion and the famous 1855 Classification utilized in the Haut-Médoc, there is no such system based on quality and prestige to rank the chateaus of Pomerol.

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