How do I check availability in STO?

How do I check availability in STO?

Choose “Settings for Default values”, select one record, then click “Addl. scrs.” tab, there is a field “Detailed information” on “Availability check for stock transfers” sub-screen.

How do I check availability in SAP?

To view details of scheduling of the shipment click on “Shipping” button. If the material is not available on the customer’s desired delivery date, the system will propose a new delivery date. The system will create a new schedule line with confirmed quantity on the new delivery date.

How do I check stock transfers in SAP?

Go to the transaction MIGO or navigate to the following path in SAP menu: Logistics – Materials Management – Inventory Management – Goods Movement – MIGO.

What is checking rule in Sto SAP MM?

The checking rules that you define in Customizing determine which stocks (for example, stock in quality inspection and safety stock) and which receipts and issues (for example, reservations and purchase requisitions) are taken into account in the availability check.

How do I enable availability check in SAP?

Switch on Availability Check at Schedule Line Category level. Checking Rules are predefined in SD. etc. Assign Checking Rule to Checking Group and define the scope of Availability Check.

How is availability check carried out?

Availability check can be carried out on the deadline of goods availability that would be necessary to consider the picking, packing and shipping time. Availability check can only be carried out if the transfer of requirements takes place for goods from sales to purchase or production.

What is availability check?

The availability check (ATP check) is when the system checks whether a product can be confirmed as available in a sales order (enough stock is available or can be produced or purchased on time). The product is reserved in the required quantity, and the ATP requirements are transferred to production or purchasing.

How do I set up a stock transfer order in SAP?


  1. Plan a goods receipt in the receiving plant.
  2. Enter a vendor in the stock transport order.
  3. Enter the stock type of the issuing and receiving plant.
  4. Enter the delivery costs in the stock transport order on the Conditions tab page.
  5. Enter the goods issue using a delivery via shipping (LE-SHP)

What if there is no available stock in the delivery plant?

When there is no available stock in the delivery plant but there is a fixed receipt (like from a production order), it will confirm the shipment date to the date the receipt is confirmed + Planned Deliveyr Time + GR processing time.

How do stock transport orders work in MRP?

The MRP run then generates stock transport orders so that the product gets shipped from the plants and that there is enough inventory to sell to the customer quickly from stock. Just recently I found out that for those stock transport orders the same availability checking screen can pop up as it does for Sales Orders.

What is the checking rule in a stock order?

The checking rule: set it up so it includes safety stock and available stock and check WITH replenishment lead time. Include Purchase and Production orders but not planned orders or requisitions. This means: when the DCs STO finds stock in the delivering plant, it confirms the shipping date after the Planned Delivery Time + GR processing Time.

How does the Sto confirm the shipping date?

This means: when the DCs STO finds stock in the delivering plant, it confirms the shipping date after the Planned Delivery Time + GR processing Time.

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