How much are the RCA dogs worth?

How much are the RCA dogs worth?

How Much is a Nipper Dog? Prices for a nipper dog start at $880 and top out at $5,200 with the average selling for $3,300.

How old is the RCA dog?


Photo of the original His Master’s Voice painting depicting an Edison cylinder phonograph
Species Canis familiaris
Sex Male
Born 1884 Bristol, England
Died September 1895 (aged 11) England

What kind of dog is the RCA dog?

Commonly identified as a fox terrier, Nipper was actually a mixed-breed. According to his biographer (yes, Nipper has a biographer), he had plenty of bull terrier in him. The artist offered his work to the Edison-Bell Company, whose executives failed to see how it could help sales.

Where is Nipper Albany?

Sitting atop a storage building in the North End neighborhood of Albany, New York, is a four-ton, 28-foot tall steel and fiberglass statue of Nipper, the canine mascot of the Radio Corporation of America (RCA), the now-defunct consumer electronics behemoth.

Who painted the RCA dog?

Francis Barraud
Our famous RCA dogs In 1899, Francis Barraud, painted a picture of his brother’s dog, “Nipper”, listening intently to a windup Edison-Bell cylinder phonograph. The trademark was registered by Berliner Gramophone for use in the United States on July 10, 1900.

What was the RCA Victor dog?

fox terrier
The dog was born in Bristol, England. Commonly identified as a fox terrier, the RCA dog “Nipper” was probably actually a terrier mix. He may have had plenty of bull terrier in him, even some think he was a Jack Russell Terrier.

Where is Nipper RCA dog?

Albany, New York
Albany, New York: Nipper the RCA Dog The giant dog mascot of RCA, perched on a warehouse roof since 1958. The old RCA Victor dog Nipper is still atop the former RCA building in Albany, NY. One of only two giant Nippers remaining – the other is, or was, in Baltimore.

How tall is Nipper in Albany?

Across the long and rich history of Albany, Nipper ranks as the top dog. The twenty-eight-foot tall, four-ton steel and fiberglass canine statue anchored atop a warehouse on North Broadway has captured the hearts and minds of young and old alike for three generations.

What did RCA stand for?

Radio Corporation of America
The RCA brand is one of the oldest and well known brands in the consumer electronics industry. The brand was derived from an acronym for the company Radio Corporation of America, which was a major electronics company in existence from 1919 to 1986.

Is RCA a good brand?

RCA doesn’t offer the widest range of sizes and features, but there are some real gems in its line-up. Its TVs, which are almost exclusively sold through Walmart, seem to go down well with buyers. And with the introduction of QLED panels, Roku TV and WebOS smarts, RCA is starting to move beyond just dirt-cheap TVs.

Did RCA have to be sold?

The RCA Corporation was a major American electronics company, which was founded as the Radio Corporation of America in 1919….RCA.

Logo used from 1968 to 1987
Industry media industry
Fate Acquired by GE in 1986, various divisions sold or liquidated, trademark rights sold to Thomson SA in 1987.

What does the RCA dog symbolize?

“Nipper” and his companion “Chipper” became the famous “RCA dogs”. The iconic “RCA dogs” image of “Nipper” and “Chipper” symbolizes the long heritage and the warm, youthful energy that is unique to RCA. Listed as one of the Top 10 of Famous Brands of the 20th Century.

What was the first painting of the RCA dog?

The first painting depicting the RCA dog “Nipper” was called “Dog Watching and Listening to a Phonograph” and showed a dog looking inside a cylinder phonograph pavilion.

How tall is the statue on RCA Park?

The statue is 18-feet-tall, made by the Triangle Sign company, and was originally installed on the RCA building in the 1950s.

When did the first RCA dog become a trademark?

The trademark was registered by Berliner Gramophone for use in the United States on July 10, 1900. In 1929, “His Master’s Voice” trademark was acquired by the Radio Corporation of America. It was the first appearance of a RCA dog “mascot”.

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