How much does Westlaw Form Builder cost?

How much does Westlaw Form Builder cost?

Westlaw Formbuilder, a new and somewhat intriguing product offered by Westlaw that allows lawyers to complete forms online, while accessing the research or rationale for each entry, costs $79.20 a month for a year-long subscription for a single attorney to the National Business Transactions Solutions database, but …

How do I become a Westlaw Form Builder?

STEP 1 Go to and sign in with your usual OnePass. STEP 5 You will be transferred to Westlaw Doc & Form Builder. Enter the Client Matter associated with your client.

What is Westlaw Form Builder?

Westlaw Form Builder is the convenient, easy-to-use, online legal document assembly tool that speeds up the form building process – so you can finish your legal forms faster and move on to other work. No other legal forms product gives you this much speed and functionality. Available for law departments and law firms.

Is Lexis cheaper than Westlaw?

Westlaw. I used the cost of the custom plan that I created to include all federal and state case law and statutes. Additional materials are also included. Casetext….Plans Compared.

Monthly Subscription
One Lawyer Two Lawyers
Annual Subscription
Lexis Advance $2,086.08 $3,036
Westlaw $3,324.00 $4,488

Does Westlaw charge per download?

Note that in Westlaw, a document delivery charge for downloading/printing may apply in addition to the cost of viewing the document. WestlawNext gives the option of hourly (charged by the amount of time you are on the document) or transactional (charged per document accessed).

Why is Westlaw so expensive?

Re: Why is Westlaw/LexisNexis so expensive? Because you need Shepard’s/Keycite and the search algorithm. It is generally more expensive to pop in and out of Lexis/Westlaw (lawyer billing rate) than to just stay within the site.

How much is Westlaw hourly?

WestlawNext Pricing – Up To $3400 Per Hour!!

How much is Lexis monthly?

The prices for Historical Quotes through LexisNexis at and will be $0.30 per day per quote….I. INFORMATION CHARGES FOR LEXIS ® ADVANCE.

Frequency Each Report
Weekly $59
Monthly $75

Can anyone Westlaw?

Other tabs organize Westlaw content around the specific work needs of litigators, in-house corporate practitioners, and lawyers who specialize in any of over 150 legal topics. Most customers are attorneys or law students, but other individuals can also obtain accounts.

What is LexisNexis service fee?

Charges currently range from $0 to $163.00 per search. For any searches using more than one source (“Combined Search”), Subscriber will be charged the individual source rates of each combined search component selected, minus a 10% discount, except for BNA, CCH and Premium News materials which cannot be discounted.

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