Is i5 4570 Good processor?

Is i5 4570 Good processor?

The Bottom Line. Intel’s Core i5-4570 processor is a well-balanced CPU that offers some, but not all, of the power of a Core i7, making it ideal for occasional photo editing or video work at a lower price.

How fast is i5 4570?

Intel i5-4570 Specs

No. of Cores 4
Clock Speed 3.2 GHz
Max Turbo Frequency 3.6 GHz
Cache 6 MB
No. of QPI Links 1

What generation is a i5 4570?

4th Generation Intel
Intel Core i5 4570 Quad Core Retail CPU (Socket 1150, 3.20GHz, 6MB, Haswell, 84W, Intel Graphics, BX80646I54570, 4th Generation Intel Core, Turbo Boost Technology 2.0)

How many cores does i5-4570 have?

4 Core
Intel Core i5 i5-4570 3.20 GHz Processor – Socket H3 LGA-1150 – Quad-core (4 Core) – 6 MB Cache.

What LGA is i5-4570?

LGA 1150
Learn more about the Core i5-4570

CPU Socket Type CPU Socket Type LGA 1150
# of Cores # of Cores Quad-Core
Operating Frequency Operating Frequency 3.2 GHz
L3 Cache L3 Cache 6MB
Manufacturing Tech Manufacturing Tech 22nm

Is Haswell i5 good for gaming?

Yes it is a powerful processor and it is capable of running latest games if paired with a good graphics card.

How many cores does the Intel i5-4570 have?

Intel Core i5 i5-4570 Quad-core (4 Core) 3.20 GHz Processor – Socket H3 LGA-1150 Pack CM8064601464707.

Is the i5 4670 a good choice over the 4570?

So if anybody want great performance and save some money- it’s nice choice on i5 4670. their is little performance difference in 4570 and 4670. It is comparably better than AMD processor of this range. now see another good points –

How much does an i7-4770k cost?

The Core i7-4770K, around $340 at the time we wrote this and occasionally a bit less on sale, is an expensive part if you’re aiming to keep costs down.

Is the core i5-4570 worth it over the i7-4770k?

We’re surprised how well the Core i5-4570 stacked up against the Core i7-4770K on our benchmark suite. If you’re a prosumer/hobbyist video editor, or you often perform other tasks that require several minutes or hours of processing or rendering time, the Core i7-4770K may well be worth paying extra for.

Is the i5-4570 good for gaming?

Plus, the CPU performance on the AMD APUs will be noticeably worse. Indeed, from a value perspective for PC gamers, Intel’s Core i5-4570 is competing more with other Intel CPUs than with AMD’s APUs in this price range, because of that RAM requirement.

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