Is Orin Swift good wine?

Is Orin Swift good wine?

The new wines were really outstanding across the board. The 2016 Orin Swift Machete (WWB, 93) shows a beautiful texture, sumptuous fruit weight and compelling complexity. A true heavyhitter, the 2015 Orin Swift ‘Mercury Head’ Cabernet Sauvignon (WWB, 95) is one for the cellar.

What kind of wine is Orin Swift?

Orin Swift Cabernet Papillon Wine Advocate-Napa, CA- “A Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, Petit Verdot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc.

Does Orin Swift make the prisoner?

Orin Swift’s winemaker, Dave Phinney, made the first Prisoner wine in 2000 with a 385 case production. The wine soon had a cult following and Phinney sold the Zinfandel blend and a few other labels in 2010 to The Prisoner Wine Company for $40 million.

Who makes Orin Swift wines?

E. & J. Gallo Winery
MODESTO, Calif. June 9, 2016 – E. & J. Gallo Winery (Gallo) announced today that it has purchased Orin Swift Cellars, a brand known for their excellent wines, bold imagery, memorable names and creative labels.

Is Dave Phinney still with Orin Swift?

AND…..he now works for Orin Swift (the company he founded)…which he managed to sell in 2016 to E. J. Gallo (who can be very quality-oriented when they want to…and very cash-generous!) And who’s in charge of production and winemaking today for the Gallo-owned Orin Swift wines, which are also runaway best-sellers?

Who distributes Orin Swift?

E&J Gallo
By this stage, Orin Swift Cellars had been sold to California wine giant E&J Gallo in 2016, with Swift staying on as winemaker. Wine giant Constellation Brands acquired The Prisoner from Huneeus in the same year.

What kind of wine is Machete?

Appearance: Pure inky garnet in the glass….Share.

Category Red Wine
Varietals Petite Sirah Syrah Grenache
Region California
Brand Orin Swift
Alcohol/vol 15.6%

Who makes machete wine?

Orin Swift
Orin Swift – “Machete” California Red Blend – 2018 (750ml)

What wine is Orin Swift in?

Orin Swift Mercury Head Now that you know the history of Orin Swift, let’s taste the wine behind the $300 million dollar Cinder-fella. The Mercury Head wine bottle has an actual Mercury Head dime embedded in the bottle, which is the entirety of the front label.

Did you slip in a tasting at Orin Swift?

So slipping in a tasting at Orin Swift is the perfect “when in Rome” situation. I’ve loved Orin Swift wines for a long time, but I had never been able to taste them together. My mom and I stopped in on rainy Monday in February, and we were pleasantly surprised to find such a warm welcome from Courtney. We tasted so many good wines.

What is your review of Orin Swift machete 2015?

I first discovered Orin swift machete 2015 at my local wine shop. This wine proved a point that there is always a wine maker that is looking to stand out from the crowd, almost like a double dare to defy and break barriers. Nice mix of petit sirah, syrah, Grenache aged in french oak.

What is it like to visit Orin Swift cellars?

Start your review of Orin Swift Cellars. Not their usual tasting room but enjoyed the new warehouse renovated facility! It was open and very easy to access with a large parking lot! They have 3 tasting options and we went with the basic $20 tasting which has 5 different types of their wine. Our host was friendly and attentive.

How much did Gallo pay for Orin Swift?

But he first made his name with wine brand Orin Swift, which he founded in 1998 and sold to E & J Gallo in 2016 for a reported $100 million.

Does Orin Swift own prisoner?

We have great sales, but they wrote the book about it.” Phinney founded Orin Swift Cellars in 1998 when he created The Prisoner, a popular Zinfandel-based wine he made from purchased grapes. The wine grew rapidly, from 385 cases to 85,000 cases in 10 years, foreshadowing the popularity of red blends today.

Does Gallo own Orin Swift?

Gallo Winery (Gallo) announced today that it has purchased Orin Swift Cellars, a brand known for their excellent wines, bold imagery, memorable names and creative labels.

Why did Orin Swift sell the prisoner?

Keen not to be shackled by its success, Phinney sold The Prisoner in 2008 to concentrate on his boutique brand, Orin Swift, named after his father’s middle name and mother’s maiden name.

Who owns 8 Years in the Desert?

The name 8 Years in the Desert gets its name from a sentence Phinney recently served in varietal purgatory. After selling The Prisoner to Huneeus Vintners in 2008 (he later sold its parent company, Orin Swift Cellars, to E&J Gallo in 2016), he signed a non-compete, agreeing not to make Zinfandel for eight years.

Who Makes 8 Years in the Desert wine?

Orin Swift Cellars
8 Years in the Desert is a California Red Wine from Orin Swift Cellars in Saint Helena, California, USA. While this wine is classified as a Zinfandel by some stores, Orin Swift Cellars calls it a Zinfandel Blend.

Why is it called 8 Years in the Desert?

What kind of wine is 8 Years in the Desert?


Did Phinney sell prisoners?

What grape is the prisoner?

The Prisoner is now the most recognized Napa Valley red blend, leading the resurgence of interesting blends by incorporating Zinfandel with the unlikely mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, Syrah, and Charbono.

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