Is Spotify still offering 3 months free?

Is Spotify still offering 3 months free?

The three months subscription can be cancelled at any time. After the trial period of three months, users will be required to pay Rs. 119 per month to continue to access Spotify Premium.

How much is Spotify premium for a 3 months?

$9.99/month after trial. Cancel anytime.

How do I get my 6 month free trial on Spotify?

The following is quick steps to get the offer: Step 1: Connect your AT WiFi to your car, or become an AT Thanks Gold or Platinum user. Step 2: You’ll receive a unique link to access the offer. Step 3: Go to to start 6-month free trial.

Is Spotify 2.99 a month?

Just USD 2.99/month after. Cancel anytime. Terms and conditions apply. 1 month free not available for users who have already tried Premium.

What’s the cheapest Spotify plan?

Called Spotify Plus, the plan costs just $0.99 a month in the US and combines features of the music streamer’s existing free and Premium tiers.

Does Spotify still offer free trial?

If you want to try out the Spotify Premium experience but aren’t quite ready to cough up $9.99 a month for the privilege, Spotify offers a 30 day free trial. However, that free trial can turn you into a paying customer against your will unless you can navigate Spotify’s roundabout cancellation process.

How to get free Spotify premium for 3 months?

Go to the Spotify homepage,and click Premium on the top right corner.

  • Scroll down and click Get Started under the student plan.
  • Log in with your account that has never subscribed to the Premium membership.
  • Enter the information required,and click Verify.
  • Once the automatic verification completes,you need to enter the billing info.
  • How do I get a free trial on Spotify?

    Open Spotify. Go to your web browser.

  • Click START FREE TRIAL. It’s a green button in the middle of the Spotify page.
  • Enter your account information if prompted.
  • Enter payment information.
  • Extend your free trial if you like.
  • How much does Spotify cost?

    Download music. Listen anywhere.

  • Ad-free music listening. Enjoy nonstop music.
  • Play any song. Even on mobile.
  • Unlimited skips. Just hit next.
  • How do I sign up for Spotify?

    – Log in to your account page. – Under Your plan, click UPDATE next to your payment method. – Enter a new payment method that was issued in your new country or region.

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