What are indirect costs in Horizon Europe?

What are indirect costs in Horizon Europe?

Typical examples include costs of renting, operating costs, cost of office equipment, telephone and copy costs. All beneficiaries receive a flat rate of 25 % of their eligible direct costs, which serve as “all-inclusive compensation” for indirect costs.

How do you calculate person months h2020?

HOW IS IT CALCULATED? The estimated human effort by work package in Part B can be calculated as follows (indicative method): if 1 year = 220 (working) days, then 1 month = 220/12 = 18.33 (working) days. So 24 full working days for one person would be 24/18.33 = 1.31 person‑months.

What is associated partner in Horizon Europe?

An Associated Partner in Horizon Europe is an international partner in Horizon 2020. An Associated Partner is an entity that works for the EU project but cannot declare costs and needs to have its own budget. It can be linked to one beneficiary or more beneficiaries. It can also be linked to the entire consortium.

What is a linked third party?

Linked third parties (Art. Linked third parties are not beneficiaries, but carry out tasks within the project and declare their own costs (non-profit rule!) in a separate financial statement. They are subject to the same eligibility rules as the beneficiaries.

How much is a person month?

How Do You Calculate Person Months? To calculate person months, multiply the percentage of your effort associated with the project times the number of months of your appointment. For example: 25% of a 9 month academic year appointment equals 2.25 (AY) person months (9 x 0.25= 2.25)

What does staff month mean?

Overview. A staff month is equal to 174 hours (the average available work hours in a month). A staff month calculation is the percent of time an employee works relative to the standard staff month. Staff months are calculated in the Gross Pay Calculation job (PS1205J) that is part of payroll processing.

What is someone’s month in hours?

The man month should be the average productive (i.e. excluding sickness, courses, vacations, etc) hours per month per person (full-time) for the organisation (usually about 140 hours).

What is person month in software engineering?

A “person month” is the metric for expressing the effort (amount of time) principal investigators (PIs), faculty and other senior personnel devote to a specific project.

What are eligible costs in Horizon 2020?

deductible VAT (Please note: However, VAT is an eligible cost in Horizon 2020 if the project participant is not entitled to deduct input tax. More information can be found under “Downloads” (see below).) In certain cases defined in the Grant Agreement costs may also be declared as fixed “ unit costs ”.

What is the grant agreement for Horizon 2020?

The Grant Agreement (GA) contains detailed provisions about the eligibility of costs in Horizon 2020. It specifies the criteria for all eligible costs and defines special requirements for the individual cost categories.

Why is participation in both Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe so complicated?

The complexity arises when having to manage participation in both Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe actions at the same time, because there are some costs that have to be calculated differently for a Horizon Europe proposal budget, in particular personnel costs. Some terminology changes with Horizon Europe, but the meaning stays the same.

How to document personnel costs for Horizon Europe?

However, as a new rule, you can also document personnel costs by declarations signed monthly by both the person working on the Horizon Europe action and their supervisor. This webinar covers such questions as: What is the Mutual Insurance Mechanism?

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