What happened to Misao in Misao?

What happened to Misao in Misao?

Off screen, Misao screams and the teacher yells back, outraged at Misao’s refusal to die. When the screen comes back, Misao is dead, with Mr. Sohta standing over her body. It is implied that he rapes her as well.

What did Yoshino do Misao?

She could come off as sarcastic, but her overall demeanor was that of a typical bully: intimidating and pushy. However, her acts of bullying eventually escalated into outright cruelty, to the point where she coerced a male student to rape Misao in a bathroom stall.

Where is the staff room in Misao?

After the intro, go downstairs and ignore the room next to Student Council’s. You’ll be downstairs. Go into the leftmost room and you’ll be in the Staff Room. Ayaka’s there, rummaging through Mr.

How do you use items in Misao?

|-|Main= The Inventory is a key game mechanic used in Misao. It is accessed by pressing the X key and selecting it from a list of Menus.

How to get rid of Misao’s soul in one piece?

Now go to Other World – Shrine. Place the last body part on the remaining altar. A scene will happen and it would appear that nothing has changed. Then Warp back to the Student Council Room. Talk to Onigawara and he will tell Aki that one more soul is needed to lift the curse and to put Misao’s soul to rest.

Is Misao an RPG horror game?

Misao Walkthrough Posted on December 8, 2014December 8, 2014by Lucia Theo Hello eveybody today i will give you a walktrough about an RPG horror game named Misao. First you have to download the game first this the link to download misao

How do you get Misao’s legs in Super Mario Bros Wii?

Open the second locker to get the second body part, “Misao’s brain”. Head out and go to the Boy’s Bathroom. there’s the car , Open the car door to get the third body part, “Misao’s legs”. Go to the right to get to the next screen.

What is the rating for Misao?

This guide covers everything in Misao. This item has been added to your Favorites. In Japan, the rating is fifteen and up. However, America would conceive this as eighteen and up. This game is considerably and scarily more violent and triggering than Mad Father.

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