What is folder inserter machine?

What is folder inserter machine?

What is a Folder Inserter? A folder inserter is a fast and reliable method of folding and inserting paper and documents into an envelope for mailing. Our folder inserters process your mail ten times faster than by hand, increasing productivity and making mail prep a breeze.

How much does an envelope stuffer cost?

The difference between the two types comes down to price for most businesses. If you want to stuff envelopes in counts of 2000 or more, you will have to pay at least $500 for the machine. That’s for a roller machine! A high volume roller machine will cost you upwards of $2000 or more.

Are there machines to put letters in envelopes?

Also known as a ‘paper folding machine’, ‘envelope stuffer’ or even a ‘letter stuffer’, a folder inserter is a vital part of your busy mailroom. Whatever you decide to call them, their primary purpose is to fold and insert documents into envelopes quickly and efficiently, sealing them securely ready to post.

Are there machines that stuff envelopes?

There are two kinds of letter folding and envelope stuffing machines: Rollers and air feed machines. Entry-level and moderate volume letter folding roller machines can process anything from 50-5000 letters a day. And a high volume roller machine can work through more.

Can machines stuff envelopes?

An envelope stuffing machine is a machine that processes a sheet or multiple sheets of paper from a feeder or multiple feeders, then folds those pages using knife or buckle folds and finally stuffs them into and envelope and seals it. 7.

Why choose Neopost folding&inserting?

Neopost Folding & Inserting Machines Now you don’t need to spend hours folding & inserting your monthly invoices, account statements or other mail runs. Thanks to the compact, affordable… Manually collating, folding, inserting, sealing and stacking your mail pieces is a time-consuming task. The Neopost DS-63 folder inserter is able to perform…

Why choose the Neopost ds-90i folder inserter?

The Neopost DS-90i folder inserter is the ultimate mid-range machine for your inserting needs. Extensive features such as powerFold® and flexFeed®… Our automatic folder inserter machines enable you to easily create professional, top-quality mail pieces.

How many envelopes can a folding inserting system process per hour?

At speeds of up to 2,500 envelopes per hour, the DS-64i folding inserting system will prepare your business mailings quickly and efficiently. The FlexFeed multi-format feeding technology allows you to process all document sizes including inserts, reply forms and return envelopes from a single tray.

How many envelopes can the ds1200 fold per hour?

The Quadient DS1200 is designed to operate at the highest practical speed and efficiency – up to 12,000 envelopes per hour – streamlining the entire mailing… Need Advice? Contact one of our consultants for advice on Neopost Folding & Inserting machines.

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