What is foot seta and capsule?

What is foot seta and capsule?

Moss sporophyte is differentiated into the foot, seta and capsule. Foot serves to get nutrition for developing sporophyte. Seta is the stalk of the capsule. Capsule bears archespores within the capsule wall.

What are seta in mosses?

A seta is a long stem-like organ that connects the sporangium to the gametophyte. In mosses the seta elongates before the sporangium matures, which is opposite to the liverworts. The seta is usually composed of parenchyma cells, stereids, and many times a well developed conducting strand.

What is foot and seta?

Parts of capsule: Mature capsule has three parts; foot is a basal broad and bulbous structure made up of paranchymatous cells. It absorbs the nutrients and water and anchors the developing sporophyte to the disc of archegonium. Seta is short and constricted structure, before the spores are formed.

Which sporophyte consists of foot seta and capsule?

saprophyte consists of foot, seta and capsule. Sporophyte of mosses contain foot, seta and capsule.

What is the function of capsule in moss?

It is an essential structure of the sporupnyte or the moss plant, in the capsule the spores are produced. When the capsule ripens,its dehiscence takes place, and the spores are its dehiscence takes place, and the spores are liberated by the wind.

What is a spore capsule?

A spore capsule is part of the sporophyte, which develops from a fertilized egg. In some species the fertilized egg will produce just spore capsules whereas in others fertlized eggs will also produce a supporting stalk for the spore capsule.

Does marchantia have foot seta and capsule?

Doubt by Ku. Darshani Dnyaneshwar Sairise Do marchantia also has foot,seta,capsule because in figure no. 3.2 in 11th NCERT it is not described but has been mentioned in liverworts paragraph .

Is the capsule sporophyte or gametophyte tissue?

A mature Sphagnum spore capsule is held up on a stalk but in this case the stalk is gametophyte tissue, not sporophyte tissue. When the spore capsule has matured a stalk grows and thereby raises the capsule. The stalk is certainly seta-like in its function but a seta develops from a fertilized egg.

Is divisible into foot seta and capsule?

In liver worts sporophyte is divided into foot, seta and capsule.

What is moss capsule?

Moss capsule. (Science: botany) A moss capsule is a part of the moss located at the tip of stalk that contains pollen.

What are seta in plants?

In botany, “seta” refers to the stalk supporting the capsule of a moss or liverwort (both closely related in a clade called “Setaphyta”), and supplying it with nutrients. The seta is part of the sporophyte and has a short foot embedded in the gametophyte on which it is parasitic.

What does seta mean?

SETA stands for Sector Education and Training Authority.

What are the seta and immature capsule in the young sporophyte?

The seta and immature capsule in the young sporophyte are both green and contain photosynthesizing cells but the sporophyte is still heavily reliant on nutrients passing to it from the gametophyte.

What is the Red part of a spore capsule?

The red area indicates the foot that anchors the sporophyte to the gametophytic tissue of the receptacle. Blue indicates the seta and below that is the spore capsule filled with spores (orange-brown) and ELATERS (black).

What is the middle part of the capsule?

Theca: It is the middle part of the capsule. It is four-lobed. Its wall is several layered. The outermost layer is epidermis. Trabecular air spaces are present inside the wall layers.

What does the Seta of a liverwort look like?

The seta still has a long way to go. The shoot-calyptra of this species is often reddish in colour and the next photo shows one, with the collapsed seta of a mature sporophyte clearly visible. In this photo you can see the mature, black spore capsule of the thallose liverwort Aneura alterniloba.

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