What is the minimum degree required to receive a CMPC certification?

What is the minimum degree required to receive a CMPC certification?

CMPC®s are individuals with a master’s or doctoral degree in sport science, psychology or a closely related field* who have met specific course requirements and have completed an extensive, mentored applied experience.

What is the CMPC exam?

The CMPC® certification examination was developed by a diverse group of subject matter experts in partnership with test development experts in a manner consistent with generally accepted psychometric principles and best practices for certification exam development.

What is a applied sports psychologist?

An Applied Sports Psychologist works with athletes to rehabilitate injuries that are incurred during practices and games. They also assist in transitions between careers and communication within the team. They may also work with parents and coaches.

How do I get certified in Applied Sport Psychology?

Candidates can achieve certification via one of two pathways: Standard Application and Experienced Practitioner Application. Complete details regarding the eligibility requirements for each pathway are outlined in the CMPC Certification Program Candidate Handbook.

How do I become a sports psychologist in Ontario?

A. Education

  1. a Master’s degree in sport psychology or related field;
  2. successfully completed a variety of courses relevant to applied sport psychology and foundational disciplines such as human kinetics or kinesiology, psychology, and counselling;
  3. supervised consulting experience;

How much does the CMPC exam cost?

If you are an AASP member, please log in to receive member pricing

Item Price
CMPC Application Fee $375.00
CMPC Application Fee for Active CSPA-ACPS MPCs $125.00
CMPC Recertification Fee (with exam) $275.00
CMPC Reinstatement Fee (Recertification) $50.00

What is the passing score of the CMPC exam?

The minimum passing final cumulative score is 75 points.

What services does psychology associates of Bethlehem offer?

These services are often recommended for patients with migraines, chronic pain, and anxiety. Established in 1992, Psychology Associates of Bethlehem, P.C. is a group behavioral health practice dedicated to providing evaluation and treatment to individuals throughout the life span.

What is AASP?

The Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) is the leading organization for sport psychology consultants and professionals Menu About AASP About AASP About Sport & Performance Psychology Membership Benefits Membership Types Executive Board Fellows Committees Special Interest Groups Strategic Plan Ethics Privacy Policy Contact AASP

What is AAASP?

AASP is the premier association that ensures every performer has the resources to strengthen their inner edge through the advancement and application of excellence in mental performance and mental health.

What is sport and Performance Psychology?

The field of sport and performance psychology focuses on providing every performer the resources to power their inner edge by strengthening the ability to perform, as well as the ability to thrive.

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