What is Treeeeee supposed to be?

What is Treeeeee supposed to be?

Why doesn’t Pi knock on his parent’s door? Pi’s father “likes his sleep” and Pi doesn’t want to wake them. What is “TREEEEEE!” supposed to be? sound of Pi’s whistle. 5.

What can we infer about Mr Patel from his tone?

What we can infer about Mr. Patel from his tone? He seems to be a gentle, intensely emotional person. He expresses love for a boy who beat him in a scholarship competition, and he tells us that he once fainted when a faucet was turned on because the experience was so shocking.

Why did the sounds that Pi heard affect him so much?

The sounds that Pi heard frightened him so much because he was completely alone and helpless and other than the sounds of the animals on the boat and the ocean there was nothing else to hear. At this point the animals are coming back to their senses and realizing their need for nourishment.

How did Pi not give up?

However, as the reader comes to understand, Pi feels not only the instinctual desire to live, but also a strong faith in God, which insists he not give up. Just as he has faith in God, Pi has faith in himself.

Why does Mr Kumar teacher not believe in God?

kumar. why does mr. kumar not believe in God? because he prayed to God to cure his polio but medicine cured it.

What does the sloth symbolize to Pi?

To Pi, the sloth symbolizes ‘the miracle of life’. By all rights, it should not be able to survive in the wild.

Why does Mr Kumar love the zoo?

Kumar is an atheist and Communist, with an atheist being a person who doesn’t believe in God or gods. He sees the world as an expression of the beauty of science and reason. He loves to visit Pi’s father’s zoo in order to reassure himself of the elegant order of the universe. As he tells Pi, the zoo is his temple.

What makes lion taming Possible Life of Pi?

Pi tells us the essentials of lion taming: when a lion mauls his trainer, it’s not because the lion is bloodthirsty, but because the trainer violated its space. Pi says that basically the trainer has to show the animal who’s boss. Which doesn’t mean punching a lion in the face.

What is it about Christianity that confuses Pi?

What confuses Pi about Christianity? He is confused how god will send his own son to suffer. He based his reasoning on the biblical story of Jesus’ crucifixion to save man kind. According to Pi, he felt sad why should a innocent pay for the wrongs of the guilty.

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