What to say in bridal shower thank you note?

What to say in bridal shower thank you note?

How to Write Bridal Shower Thank You Notes

  1. Greeting. Audra.
  2. Thank Them for Their Presence. Thank you so much for celebrating with me at my bridal shower!
  3. Thank Them for The Gift (If Applicable)
  4. Share What You Love About The Gift.
  5. Show Your Appreciation for Them as a Person.
  6. Sign Off.

What do you write inside a bridal shower card?


  1. “So happy for you.”
  2. “With warmest wishes for the bride-to-be…”
  3. “What a busy and exciting time!
  4. “Please don’t mind my happy tears.
  5. “Wishing you all the best today, on your wedding day, and in your life together.”
  6. “Blessings to you as you prepare to say I do.”
  7. “Just wanted to shower you with some happy wishes!”

How long after a bridal shower should you send thank you cards?

Send your thank you notes within two weeks after the bridal shower. You’ll want to send your thanks as soon as you can after the shower, but with your busy wedding planning to-do’s anywhere up to two weeks after is acceptable to send your greeting.

How do you thank people for a bridal shower gift card?

Bridal Shower Thank You Card Examples Dear [name], It was so kind of you to gift me the wine glasses I always wanted. I look forward to many happy nights drinking from them, and I know they will bring me much joy in my new home. It was also so lovely to see you at the bridal shower.

How much money should you give at a bridal shower?

“Many people spend around $50 to $75, whereas closer friends and family may spend upwards of $100,” she says. “However, the amount you want to spend is up to you.” It’s important to consider that there are no set rules for gift-giving when it comes to bridal shower gifts, and items can certainly range in price.

Is it rude to not send thank you cards?

Is it rude to not send thank you cards? It’s considered fairly rude to accept a wedding gift without sending out a formal, written thank you message. We say “for better or worse” not because we think wedding thank you cards are a bad idea. They can be a beautiful expression of gratitude at a joyous time in your life.

What do you write in a thank you card for a gift?


  1. “You’re the best.”
  2. “I’m humbled and grateful.”
  3. “You knocked me off my feet!”
  4. “My heart is still smiling.”
  5. “Your thoughtfulness is a gift I will always treasure.”
  6. “Sometimes the simplest things mean the most.”
  7. “The banana bread was fabulous. You made my day.”
  8. “I’m touched beyond words.”

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